Red Rock Radio is the Northland's premier family of radio stations. Located in the historic Canal Park of Duluth's downtown, Red Rock Radio Corporation is proud to promote the best in the most popular music genres and feed it over the airwaves to the surrounding areas.

Contact: KQDS
501 Lake Avenue South - Suite 200
Duluth, MN 55802
Office: 218-728-9500
Studio: 724-7625 / 877-724-9595


Alan Sam – Tower
Why: I listen to this station at every chance I get. the music is awesome, the
afternoon train wreck is phenomenal. and you guys just keep giving it your all.
That’s why I chose your station.
Ken Brgant – Ely
Shaun Karakash – Chisholm
Why: I have a 4 1/2 year old and could really use it. I love listening to you all
and love the music!!!
Scott Marwick – Tower
Why: a kq faithful listener listen at work everyday
Jerime (jeremy) Lindseth – Babbitt
Why: Because my wife always wins stupid stuff on other raido stations and i would
love to tell her i won 95 bucks on the best raido station ever!!!   P,S great
morning show guys keep it up!!
Dan Huculak – Cloquet
Why: A) I listen to KQ;
B) I like the promotion idea;
C) Getting hired by KQ would give me a nice, but temporary pay increase on an hourly
D) Hiring me is the right thing to do.
Doug Peterson – Cromwell
Why: I drive all day and clean portable toilets…..could use some clean fun money!
Peggy Peterson – Cromwell
Why: I save lives one phone call at a time!  If I could make $95 an hour just think
of the difference it could make!
Carolyn Katzmarek – Saginaw
Why: I’m raising two teenage girls
Mike j. Andrews – Duluth
Why: Because everyone shld earn 95 bucks a hour!! Thanks KQ!!
Jennifer Jablonski – Esko
Why: Because I want to be a rockstar radio employee and I need a new pair of shoes!!!
Kimberly Carlson – Superior
Why: Grandbaby needs a new pair of shoes
Rent is due
What I can do for you will be new!
jillian heide – Duluth
Why: I am a Zumba instructor in duluth, and I will personaly stop by and get you
Zumbafied!   It will be worth it to hire me!
Debi Hill – Saginaw
Why: My husband might be transferred to Fargo ND for work I need money for the
debbie leecy – virginia
Why: i been looking for a job for a long time and i love rock and roll it only seems
right that i am hired
Mark Connolly – Duluth
Why: Lost a god paying job locally 1 1/2 yrs ago due to economic conditions.
Currently work for a temp agency as often as possible to support a 16yr old and 11yr
Wife and i had marital difficulties and working on reconciliation but had to sign an
apartment lease. She decided to reconcile the day the kids and i moved in, now
paying on a house and an Apt.
Bill Albano Jr – Bennett
Why: I need new tires for my truck b4 winter
Tom Davis – Duluth
Why: Need money to pay the ever increasing
taxes in Duluth!
Sarah Crippa – Grand Rapids
Why: I listen to the morning show everyday and you guys crack me up. I sure could us
the 95 bucks. I’m working for my dad and trying to find another job so i can buy a
car and get outta dodge!!!
Geoff Strand – Superior
Why: To have some fun money
Scott Souder – Bovey
Why: I am self employed and business is slow.
Casey Souder – Taconite
Why: Who couldn’t use more money.
Jane Souder – Bovey
Why: Unemployed House Wife
Renee Randa – Duluth
Why: The extra money would be nice as it would help out with some Christmas presents
that I have been wanting to get.
Lisa Davis – Duluth
Why: Daughter wants to get into Dancing
lessons. You have to buy clothing plus the lesson fees. This would be a great
suprise for her.
Gerald Horvath – Virginia
Why: to much time on hand
Tonia Stolley – Cohasset
Why: Cause I’m worth and much more baby!!!!!
Christopher Carroll – Cloquet
Why: I listen to KQDS all the time just moved here from Arizona and I really could
use the JOB
Toni Huber – Coleraine
Why: The first thing I do in the morning when I get to work is turn on my radio to
105.5 KQDS!  Thanks for the great motivator at work!  We are in desparate need of a
new stove and the $95 would help go towards that!  It take our oven 30 minutes to
preheat to 350 degrees!!  Thanks again for playing such great music!
Alan Sam – Tower
Why: I listen to you guys every day. the music is phenomenal, the afternoon edition
just keeps going and going. keep up the good work
Alyssa Bryant – Duluth
Why: I believe I should be in the program because, as a young family we are
struggling to make it by. It would be tremendously helpful. I work the most hours I
can take but it is looking like I will be getting laid off shortly. My fiance is
laid off from construction and has applied every where possible. Going back to
school has been difficult due to our situation and our one year old. Please choose
Frances Darnell – Duluth
Why: Because I love to Rock!
Lorri – Cloquet
Why: I need a job I can listen to my favorite radio station, KQDS, all day long!
Dale Honkala – Cloquet
Why: My soon to be ex-wife moved the money in our joint bank accounts into accounts
in her own name, and I need to make some extra money to pay my divorce lawyer.
Lisa Shebly – Grand Rapids
Why: Because I need a new job, and I love your station!
Jake Birdseye – Duluth
Why: I listen to 94.9 every day at work!
Scott Tollefson – Duluth
Why: Because ………………… work like this is like a beer on a hot day ….
“Crack”, “Spirt”, “Glug-glug”, “Awwwe!”
Jackie Gallop – Grand Rapids
Why: Why not?  Got a kid in college – price of groceries keep going up!  KQ is
playing on my radio whenever I’m at work or in the car.
Ted Jacobi – Cloquet
Why: I am a good worker and love your music!
Brian (Norm) Kirsh – Duluth
Why: listen allday at work might as well make some cash.
Cheryl Seeley – Duluth
Why: I need great paying job!!! We listen to KQDS everyday, you guys rock!!
Jamie Watters – Duluth
Why: I would like to be in the job programs to get some extra cash to be spent on
home improvments
Jodi Hakamaki – Cloquet
Why: I already have a full time and 2 part time jobs. Always could use another!!
Jolene Stone – Deer River
Why: To be honest I need the money!!!!!
Mike Cloud – Deer River
Why: I need the cash.
Bob Folger – Duluth
Why: I haven’t had a paycheck in 8 yrs it would be nice to have one.  I am retired
but it sounds better the other way.
Jane Johnsen – Cotton
Why: I have been out of work due to corporate down-sizing since February 7, 2010.
There are very few jobs…just look at the Trubune…
Michael Wells – Duluth
Why: With the Economy today, you have to ask, lol. I could use some CASH for me and
my 6 yr old son. Thanks
James Villebrun – Duluth
Why: so I can make ends meet, thanks for offering everyone a chance at some much
needed dough, you guys “ROCK~in~DULUTH”
Roger Green – Superior
Why: right now i’m unemployed sounds good to make some good money right about
Tammy Makela – Brule
Why: So I can spend money on scrapbooking and my husband can’t say anything
Erik Bjorklund – Sandstone
Why: who wouldn’t wanna make 95$ an hour?
Gail Langila – Esko
Why: Currantly I’am a “daycare grandma” and  I could sure use some extra money !! :) )))
Tracy Shanks – Duluth
Why: I listen to 95KQDS everyday.  I need extra cash to pay my bills off as I was
unemployed for over 3 months and fell behind.
Wayne Morse – Goodland
Why: Tired of working for “The Man” and want to work for KQ for an hour or so!
Denise Wigg – Duluth mn
Why: I got layed off from my job
Lori Sande – Larsmont
Why: I need new shoes.
Jamie Watters – Duluth
Why: I would love to be in the work force payroll to help out on some home
improvements that I would like to do this fall/winter projects!!!!!
Waylon Watters – Duluth
Why: I think I should be on the job to collect some EXTRA CASH to put away for
winter months when I get laid off!!
Steve Samuelson – Duluth
Why: My son is in college (Freshman) and I could use the money to help pay for all
of the expenses he is piling up.  He forgets that I don’t have a money tree in the
back yard!!
Debi Hill – Saginaw
Why: Because I am cute and will work hard.  Ha ha
Leah McLean – Saginaw
Why: my husband is stressing about cash flow.
RIck Johnson – Superior
Why: supplement my 401
Denise Haynes – Duluth
Why: Because I have 2 teenage daughters that are costing me an arm & a leg!!!!!
Patty Newton – Superior
Why: My son is coming home for one last visit before he is deployed to
Afghanistan…..I would love to treat him to something nice while he is here!
Jim Blauch – Ely
Why: I am the best there is!
Kai Thompson – Grand Rapids
Why: Full Time student and I could use a little extra spending (beer) money!
Reid Smith – Duluth
Why: I’m starting an internship in Minneapolis October 9th and will be living out of
my car.  I did it throughout July…don’t ask me how I bathed!  I could use the
money for a gym membership so that I can shower!!!
Donny Sazama – Hermantown
Why: I need a new pair of running shoes! (If any money left, I need a new thong)!
Steve Grote – Duluth
Why: Skilled, Adaptive, and Just fun to work with.
Denise Wigg – Duluth
Why: I got layed off from my job and I can really use the money thank you.
Susan Allen – Winter
Why: cant do physical labor am disabled but like to work. great supplement to my
small income.
Gregg Andrews – Duluth
Why: my daughter is college, my son plays every high school sport you can think of
and its putting in the poor farm. help me out! tanks gregg
Tom “Fahoot” Larson – Iron River
Why: I want to get the heck out of Dodge.
Sarah Crippa – Grand Rapids
Why: I’m working for my dad trying to save up some money to buy a car that will last !
Cindy Schiller – Deer River
Why: Because I have not gotten a raise in two years and I deserve more money.
Darcy Cournoyer – Grand Rapids
Why: I have two kids in college and have not gotten a raise in two years.
Mandy Brirkland – Hermantown
Why: because I love money!! And I promise to be a good citizen and disperse it into
the struggling economy, instead of letting it sit in the bank :c)
George West – Duluth
Why: Dedicated KQ listener listen everyday at work!!!!
Britt SeeBenes – Aurora
Why: Being recently divorced, money is a little tight. Any extra cash I can get
helps out a lot.
Heidi Blunt – Superior
Why: I play roller derby and they call me Blunt Cakes….I’m a hell-luv-a
blocker….and I need new knee pads! If you could do me the honor of hiring me just
even ONE hour…..last’s at least one pad closer to a roller dream come true!
Because the knee pads that I want are so amazing….they’re  like falling on
Al Torgerson – Hermantown
Why: Christmas is coming could use an few extra bucks!!!!
Alicia Beck – Superior
Why: I’m a great listener and bring awesome potluck stuff!
Laura Anderson – Saginaw
Why: I am going on vacation next month to visit my neice,nephew,brother and
sister(bitch)-in-law and my need some extra cash for bail money!
Casey Johnson – Duluth
Why: Because I listen to KQDS every day and I need some money! Please hire me!
Sharen Van Den Heuvel – Cloquet
Why: I listen to you guys everyday and it sounds fun being a DJ. I like my job, but
your’s is more exciting, getting to go to Rock Fest, Tribute Fest,BIR, Etc. Please
pick me to be on your KQDS Winning Team.
John Thomas – Mountain Iron
Why: because I do djing and I love it and I would like a little extra cash in my
pocket also.
Sandra Larson – Proctor
Why: Free money spends better!!!
Jackie Fontaine – Proctor
Why: The boss man is closin’ up shop!!! HELP!!!
Michael Duch – Eau Claire
Why: Iam in Duluth 3-4 times a week for work. I need gas MONEY!!!!!!
Tammy Brink – Superior
Why: I have my first grandbaby and she needs alot of things so the extra cash would
come in very handy.
Paul Dietz – Duluth
Why: My girlfriend and I have 5 kids and my full time job isn’t enough to support 7
Crystal Norris – Duluth
Why: Because I have 5 kids and it costs at least $95 an hour to support that many kids.
Todd Davidson – Grand Rapids
Why: Because I have twin teenage daughters and they are very expensive.
Mike Marok – Bovey
Why: Life’s spendy guys!
Lisa Schires – Coleraine
Why: Right after I bought my house 3 years ago there was a layoff at work, I am
still working but my hours have been cut, and have been on a pay freeze. I could use
an extra job, and this would be ideal!
Mike Heinonen SR – Duluth
Why: I listen to kqds all the time.And i’ve been hired by kqds about three years ago
and I thought that I was a pretty good employee. even though I only worked for one
hour. But now I need some tires for my truck I have some money saved up but I don’t
have enough yeat.And possibly a little extra to by my wife something nice.
James Carlisle – Jacobson
Why: i’ll never make as much as a pro football player who can’t make up his mind,
but being on the workforce payroll gets me closer.
Jeff Marinucci – Superior
Why: I NEED FUN MONEY! Everyone needs fun money!
Joyce Miklausich – Duluth
Why: I would love to work with such a fun group of people!
Jeremy Bugbee – Superior
Why: Excellent employee, great listener with contagious enthusiasm.  This is the
kind of work I am cut out for!  and lets face it….I can use the loot!
Patti Casey – Grand Rapids
Why: I’m an extremely hard worker!  Dedicated, loyal and best of all I have never
even HEARD of facebook.
(you don’t verify this information do you? hehehe)
David Brown – Hermantown
Why: I’m poor.
Tom Frye – Wascott
Why: So I can take my wife out for a special night that she so much deserves.
Colene Frye – Wascott
Why: Because I am a dedicated listener and should be paid what I am worth!  Thanks
Dan Cemmer – Buyck
Why: my job is wrapping up 4 the season (painter) i’m headed south for the winter to
look 4 winter work, (florida) in november and could use the money 4 travel, thank
you ~~dan~~
Brandon Anderson – Chisholm
Why: My salary isn’t high enough to support my party lifestyle.  I need a little
extra ca$h!!
Cody Solem – Proctor
Why: I should be chosen because my two favorite aspects of Duluth are KQDS and the
Vikings.  With $95, I could enjoy going to the game, and listen to KQ on the way
down and back as far as the reception allows
Sandra Merritt – Hermantown
Why: Because I am a great listener, a true rocker, and I am cool!
Bob Warren – Grand Rapids
Why: I am a hard worker
Brian Johnsen – Superior
Why: I need to get my house ready for winter.
Christine Anderson – Cloquet
Why Me : I have listened to KQ for alot of years, I could all use a second job to
feed My 17 year old daughter – she can really pack it away
Kyla Elliott – Balsam Township, Bovey
Why: I just had to start paying back student loans. A huge hit to the income.
Vickie Hartley – Hermantown
Why: Because I have your radio station on for our customers to listen to while they
Frank Hartley – Hermantown
Why: Because we listen to your station during work in our retail store.
Nina Swanson – Duluth
Why: Times are hard and I have bills to pay!
Jennifer Bugbee – Superior
Why: Because I ROCK.  (and so does KQ)
Jeremy Bugbee – Superior
Why: I am very hard working, dedicated and loyal (to KQ).  My energy and enthusiasm
is very contagious which will prove that I am a valuable asset to the workforce!  Oh
yeah….and I love to rock!!
Christina Cassano – Superior
Why: I wanna go wild and have some fun
Bryan Bjonskaas – Duluth
Why: Need the money thats why
Jon Pierson – Duluth
Why: Cause I’m I’m love with money
Marie Holappa – Embarrass
Why: I have 11 grandchildren.  Lots of Christmas presents
Todd  Urman – Ely
Why Me : because, I never even came close to making that kind of money in all of my
46 years of working!
Debbie Neumeyer – Floodwood
Why: Its getting colder out and it would help with getting some fuel oil.
Jennifer Neumeyer – Floodwood
Why: Right now i am in between jobs taking care of my mother.This would be a good
opertunity for me to help build up my self esteem.
Lisa Baker – Knife River
Why: I’m a full time working single mom and I would love the extra money!!
Angela Harrington – Hibbing
Why: My reason is simple…I am a hardworking person who currently is going through
some financial difficulties while trying to provide for four children. This would be
an awesome opportunity for me and my family.
Jim Carlson – Morgan Park
Why: Cause everygirls crazy bout a sharp dressed man and i need clothes
Jerry Berg – Hermantown
Why: I’d like to say once that I made equivalent to $197k a year! Sounds nice,
doesn’t it!
Shawn Nelson – Grand Rapids
Why: just bought a new house and christmas is coming
Dale Jacobson – Proctor
Why: Because my wife and I plan on going on a vacation and I need to start making
some extra money.
Shelly Marie Jacobson – Proctor
Why: I should be hired because KQDS is the greatest station around, who wouldn’t
want to work for them.
Jackie Adams – Duluth
Why: I have a 5 yr old daughter who wants to join Girl Scouts and a 3 month old
daughter who need diapers and wipes,  So PLEASE HIRE ME!!! Thank You!
Tony Velisek – Grand Rapids
Why: i have teenagers and i need the money
Christine Paternoster – Buhl
Why: I’m unemployed and need to make $95.00 dollars working with KQ
Gary Paternoster – Buhl
Why: I haven’t been able to work for 2- years due to an eye enjory, and my
unemployment has ran out. So I really need a job working with KQ.
Jim Daigle – Deer River
Why: The last of our 4 children was married in August and you know how expensive
wedding are.  I HAVE BILLS TO PAY!!
Gladys Fineday – Cloquet
Why: Because im a winner
Joshua Gundy – Cloquet
Why: i need some extra bucks in the pocket
David Fosness – Hermantown
Why: I need a new job !!!!
Denise Jensen – Duluth
Why: *gulp* second half of property taxes are due October 15th!! Help me please *smile*
Matt Jarvela – Virginia
Why: Women are expensive and i’m broke.
Len Hujanen – Tower
Why: Because I’m married.
Jim Gunderson – Forbes
Why: I work hard 5 days a week for next to nothing after health ins. is taken out of
my checks and could use the extra money to pay some bills… And I am a faithfull
listener of KQ each and every day while I work
Jeremy Bugbee – Superior
Why: Because I am worth it and doggone it, people like me!Fred Goebel – Cohasset
Why: I would finally be getting paid what I’m worth.
Gail Stone – Hibbing
Why: I’m the only woman in an Auto Body shop full of guys. I keep all the paperwork
in order, keep the customer files in order on the computer, take in payments, pay
the bills, and do the payroll.
Jim Johnson – Virginia
Why: Winters coming and the jeep needs new boots to get around in the snow.
Beth Hendry – Superior
Why: I want to go to Green Bay to watch the Packers
Steve Hendry – Superior
Why: My daughter needs new basketball shoes
Rich Furlong – Grand Marais
Why: Retired Vet/firefighter hunting in the north woods
Johnathan Barto – Orr
Why: as jason so eliquiently puts it every day, i too would also like to live the
dream!! love the morning show listen everyday!
Mike Simonson – Hibbing
Why: i want to go salmon fishing,work wont pay but KQ will….
Matt Alexander – Duluth
Why: I’m the crew chief of a Rally America team (, and I’m
trying to save up some extra cash so we can run the National circuit next year.
Terri Hill – Superior
Why: I love to listen to your radio station it rocks
Mike Bourdeaux – Bigfork
Why: due to my extensive training and years of experiance I think I ame the perfect
canidate for your current position
Tony James – Cohasset
Why: I need the money to make it though college and get back to working a full time
job and supporting my family.
Robert Lord – Superior
Why: Because everyone needs more money
Larissa Ronkainen – Superior
Why: Because 2 1/2 jobs just isnt enough…
Laury Legutko – Duluth
Why: Just bought a house.  No fuel oil.  It’s getting cold.
Wade – Duluth
Why: because I’m tired of interest rates !!
Forrest Kivisto – Ironwood Michigan
Why: I drive as a courrier for our mutual hospitals and listen to your radio station
Aloha Lund – Duluth
Why: If I get hired, party at my house
Tim Lane – Superior
Why: I could use a few hours at 95 an hour.
Jason Dhaemers – Superior
Why: I can make my voice sound cool like you guys on the radio and I know how to
make coffee and go on beer runs for you guys!
Amy Erkkila – Marble
Why: I need to pay off hospital bills…my  6 year old daughter and I were
hospitalized within 2 months of each other, me having to have emergency surgery!
Linda Adamski – Superior
Why: Santa will be here before we know it and it sure would be nice to have some
extra income. Love kq95! The music takes me back  to some good times in my life.
Jake Burke – Duluth
Why: im 25 years old, and i work a lot. i also listen to your station while i work,
and well.. it would be nice to make 95 dollars an hour! My girlfriend and i have a 4
month old son, times get tough with money these days and 95 bucks and hour is
nothing to complain about.. haha. i work at duluth dodge and my recon crew is
blasting KQ everyday, its all we listen to!! so not only do we hear it, but the
whole service shop is listening too.. you gotta like that! so thats my story, hire
Michelle Larsen – Grand Rapids
Why: KQ ROCKS!  I listen daily and it helps my work day fly by.  I also have 3
daughters and Christmas is coming.
Danny – Duluth
Why: We are having a competition at work on whos name will be called first.  We all
gather around the radio to listen.  I think this is a great thing to do and I know
we are all having fun with it thanks KQ
Amanda Dykoski – Ely
Why: Winter’s coming and I work seasonally.
Sandy Schubitzke – Cloquet
Why: We are building a house and our van just crapped out on us….not good timing.
Hiring me would be worth your while.
Jackson – Cloquet
Why: because i’ve been without a job for over a year and I’m home with a 3 year old
Michelle McKercher – Hawthorne
Why: To help support the deadbeats living in my house!
Jared Hovi – Esko
Why: My wife has always been very supportive of me and my hobbies.  She is a person
who never spends much on herself, so I would like to take her out some evening for a
nice dinner, go to some kind of entertainment, and take her out shopping.
Bruce Pratt – Cloquet
Why: Minnow money
Tawnya Sunde – Superior
Why: It would help pay bills and have a little extra to do something fun with my two
Paul Peterson – Mountain Iron
Why: I am  avid listener and I just purchased a car and need to get it paid off and
the money would be a huge plus!!!!! Thank You!!!!
Jenny Lee – Hermantown
Why: because you both already know me so you know how much fun we will have working
Rose Andresen – Goodland
Why: I need some money to help my 5 year old Grandson who has been diagnosed with
Epilepsy and his seizures have not stopped but gotten worse to the point that my
daughter had to quit her job and stay home and care for him and home school him. The
family needs the money to pay for medicines for him and hopefully give them a little
if i do win I will give the money whatever the amount to them for what they need.
Kimberly Lundquist – Culver
Why: My job was outsourced to a nameless person in India, and I got the boot – so
much for keeping our jobs at home!!!!
Mike Bourgoyne – Duluth
Why: Need beer money
Jodi Rochon – Superior
Why: I am an avid listener and our organization and my peronal home business has
advertised with your station many times before.  I LOVE KQ!!
Leanne Tessier – Duluth
Why: because those of us who WORK for a living deserve to be paid like those who don’t.
Tom Linderholm – Poplar
Why: Because you can’t put a price on fun!
Jared Hovi – Esko
Why: Entered once already and don’t see my name on the applicants list.
Maggie Fjare – Solon Springs
Why: Just got paid and am BROKKKKKK!  Shhhh please.  :)
Rachel Rasmussen – Superior
Why: I need money to help pay off my knee surgery bills and my hospital bills after
my 5 day stay at Miller Dwan when I was diagnosed with Stevens-johnson syndrome.
Christina Lewis – Hermantown
Why: I cannot remember where I planted my money tree. So, until I find it I need to
keep working.
Jazz Omar – Duluth
LeRoy Kolenda – South Range
Why: New baby on the way!
Tim Jensen – Silver Bay
Why: I am the best worker on earth and you will never regret hiring me. Besides I
need a vacation!
Rick Schroeder – Biwabik
Why: I am dependable and enjoy the radio station very much!
Renee Peterson – Eveleth
Why: I am one of your stations biggest fan and I am trying to pay off my acquired
bills from our lovely recession that they claim is over!!! ROFLMAO!!!! Thank You
Laurie Nivala with Wheelchairs Plus – Grand Rapids
Why: Because I listen to KQDS every day.
Bob Chapman – Coleraine
Why: I have worked hard all summer at a golf course and now the work will be winding
down. Sure could use the money to have a little nest egg to help through the long
Minnesota winter.
Marvin Jewell – Duluth
Why: son,needs a new jacket.
Terrie Hoff – Crane Lake
Why: I need new tires.
Paulina Backstrom – Grand Marais
Why: I deserve to be on the workforce payroll because I am a stay at home mom who
needs some excitement and could really use some extra cash right now. Please pick me
lisa bailey – Pengilly
Why: Because walmart doesnt pay enough for the abuse i have to go through every day
Angela Zavodnik – Hibbing
Why: I’m a single mom of two, going back to school, working hard and rocking all the
way!..   :)
Thomas – Hibbing
Why: I grew up listening to Rock music (Hard, Soft, Classic, etc…)  Getting my
kids (next generation) into listening to rock music!..  They LOVE IT!!!…
Greg Hietala – Eveleth
Why: My son is in hockey year round. He’s also a goalie, so it gets pretty spendy
with equiptment let alone all the tournaments.  You never can have enough money.
Tom Shay – Cloquet
Why: Because the idea of getting paid to listen to your great Radio Station.
Dana Bucci – Duluth
Why: Winter is right around the corner and I could use the extra cash for new tires.
Blaine Kari – Duluth
Why: I am broke and need the money!
Nicole Helland – Duluth
Why: Because I am Smokin Hot and I need some Good Luck!   Thanks Guys!
Nita – Sand Lake
Why: i love kqds n money
Elaine Cooper – Superior
Why: 2 knock tom moerke out ..
Brian Crippa – Grand Rapids
Why: My boss doesn’T PAY me enough.
Jeremiah Brandau – Ely
Why: I like your radio station
Jenny Brandau – Ely
Why: I like your music
Andy Brandau – Gilbert, AZ
Why: I listen to your station when I am in Ely.
Why: I am highly qualified
Debrah Bender – Hermantown
Why: I would like to spend a beautiful fall day going on a long drive and take my
boyfriend out to dinner since he drives 3 hours to see me.  He is such a keeper!
Heather Lyman – Hibbing
Why: I listen to your radio station all the time and have it on at work everyday…
I am an awesome person and deserve to make $95 an hour!!!!
Jack Carlson – Grand Rapids
Why: I need the cash for hunting season.
Karyn Pham – Duluth
Why: I just got married this summer and my husband and I could really use some extra
money to complete some projects around the house!  Plus, I just love KQ!
Heidi Nelson – Duluth
Why: Hockey season starting 2 kids in hockey really could use extra cash
Leah Thurman – Hibbing
Why: So I can come to Duluth to visit my kids and use the $95.00 to help stimulate
the local economy.
Mike Brandau – Winton
Why: I like your radio station
merry lee – marble
Why: i would like to have some extra cash to pay for th new tv i had to buy last month.
Lisa Topp – Silver Bay
Why: As I suffer from the “Mary Poppins Syndrome” (practically perfect in every way)
I feel i would be a perfect candidate.
Tracey Makitalo – Duluth
Why: Christmas is just around the corner and extra money is always helpful!
Stacey Nordby – Duluth
Why: Everyone needs a little extra cash!
Val Johnsen – Superior
Why: Because I don’t get paid enough , can always use more .
Tim Johnsen – Superior
Why: I just used up my last week of vacation to put in our new kitchen that my wife
has been on me to do for two years , now I need some extra money to have a blast
down at a Vikings game .
Randy Helland – Duluth
Why: Because I need to suck up pretty good to my wife for a while…lol
Adam Powers – Poplar
Why: Because I Love Classic Rock! Ted Nugent For President!!!!!
John Haas – Superior
Why: I am unemployed for almost twelve months, can not find a job.
Jill Wise – Cloquet
Why: My Daughter will be turning a teenager on Monday, that would be helpful to get her that special gift.
Julie Jedlicka – Brainerd
Why: Because my husband drives semi and is a loyal listener to your station and I am
at home doing daycare changing crappy diapers and wiping noses all day.And  putting
up with noisy kids all day.
Cathy Nelson – Cloquet
Why: I listen to kqds all day, every day and would be thrilled to hear my name called!
Connie M. Korth – Keewatin
Why: My son recently went in the US Army, and the money I earn will really help pay
for the trip to Oklahoma for his graduation.  We will still go if I am not hired,
but this would make it so much easier on our pocketbook.
Kori Perkkio – Superior
Why: Because pimpin ain’t easy
Mickie Lavik – Duluth
Why: Because Green is my favorite color.  I love money!!
Michelle Carlson – Duluth
Why: Because I work hard for my money and I have Twin boys that like to eat a lot!!!
And I need a new pair of SHOES!!!
rod bloomer – cloquet
Why: lots of remodeling, could use the money
Tim Amundson – Duluth
Why: Two young boys = Diapers, Food, Clothing, etc…
Steve Blake – Duluth
Why: Eruption is my ringtone; Eddie Van Halen rules your dreams.
Susie Dzelak – Superior
Why: Extra cash would help with the holidays coming
Nick Hazelton – Duluth
Why: I should be in the jobs program so i can get out of the cubical madness and
enjoy a nigth on the town
Tim V Wing – Grand Rapids
Why: To help out my daughters wedding bills!!!!
April Lotzer – Bessemer
Why: I am a stay at home mom and my 1 yr anniversary is coming up in Dec. and it
would be so nice to not have to ask my husband to pay for his gift!
Robert Penegor – Bessemer
Why: gas money have 2 hr round trip commute for work
Kim Anderson – Hermantown
Why: i could use the money, i need to buy more pop because my friends came over and
drank it all.
Kristina Rutar – Duluth
Why: I am getting married and would love a little extra cash for the big day! It
seems as though we have discovered that money does not grow on trees.  :(
In God we Trust, all others PAY CASH!!
Mark Shipley – Hermantown
Why: i could use the money. i have a field trip to go on.
Patty Abrahamson – Duluth
Why: I could use the money so I can get away from my ex-husband to get a hotel room.
Sharon Secola – Duluth
Why: It’s a stressless job and I want it.
Brian Elg – Duluth
Why: I have lost a lot of money on the Vikes already this year
Tom Foss – Grand Rapids
Why: why not
Darlene Paulsen – Duluth
Why: MY truck needs a tranny, and i’m not in to the morning bus ride with out
rocking out along they way!!! Please put me on the clock, so i can listen to your
station every step of my day!!!! Rock On!
Patrick Leichtman – Duluth
Why: I can’t work anymore and collect ssi
Wendy Miller – Superior
Why: I need some extra cash to pay off my student loans!
Kimberly Schultz – Proctor
Why: Two years ago my now Fiance proposed to me and ever since then we have been
trying to save up to finally have a wedding. I think being on the payroll would help
us out with the wedding. Please pick me!
Abram Pauna – Superior
Why: Because I, like thousands of others in our area, could really use the extra
income.  A third job for an hour or two at that awesome rate would really add to my
family’s Christmas budget.  I would also like to add that I am way qualified for
this job.  I have never in my life– not cashed a paycheck. So I promise you I will
show the same dedication to KQDS and cash your check as well.
Paul Berg – Duluth
Why: I consider myself a loyal kqds listener and could really use the money.
Michael A Heinonen – Proctor
Why: Well I have been trying too get married for two years. Me and my fiance could
really use the money too help out.
Ashley Groth – Proctor
Why: I should be a part of the Jobs Program because I just graduated college and I
have a large debt. An extra $95 or more would be a great help to my income since I
am unable to get a full-time job in my field at the moment.
John Randall – Grand Rapids
Why: I am semi-retired with a part-time job. I think  everyone right now could use
extra money. Thanks John
Arika Bliss – Tower
Why: I’m disabled and can’t work anywhere else.
Roni Hauser – Superior
Why: I have a teenage son who is eating me out of house and home and then proceeds
to grow out of all his clothes!
Brooke Scharte – Superior
Why: My boyfriend just got a great new job and I’m trying to “one up” him.
Wendy Anderson – Hermantown
Why: Because UnitedHealthcare shit canned me after 18 yrs. to hire people in India
to work for cheaper.
Don Anderson – Virginia
Why: I like making 95.00 an hour
Gwen Saari – Lakeside
Why: Because I am unemployed and working hard to find a job.
Barbara a Pavcovich – Solon Springs
Why: This job sounds so much easier than being a nurse!
Steve Pavcovich – Solon Springs
Why: I retired 9 years plus ago and would like to see what it feels like again.
Jamie Isaacson – Eveleth
Why: Because I need money to pay for electricity to listen to you guys on the KQDS!!  ;)
Mercedes Johnson – Grand Rapids
Why: I’m high maintenance
Jill Heide – Duluth
Why: Because I’m a sexy Zumba instructor and if I work there you’ll be “Zumbafied”!
Sherri Ludwig – Superior
Why: I have a new grand-baby that this money would help me spoil a little more.
Terri Nelson – South Range
Why: Because I want to earn this money!!
Steve Lord – Superior
Why: Great Music!!
Annette Tracy – Superior
Why: Love listen to your channel. It has great music and great programs.
Keely Norman – Duluth
Why: I need to get rid of some bills and move out of my dad’s house! I also could take my daughter on a little get away!
Jayne Fransen – Knife River
Why: Who doesn’t love money!
Brian Elg – Duluth
Why: I have lost a lot of money on the Vikes already this year!
Brian Elg – Duluth
Why: I have lost a lot of money on the Vikes already this year!
Paul Joelson – Duluth
Why: Looking to help out my grandfather with the lake place!
Breanna Oinonen – Britt
Why: I am currently working a fulltime job and have a lot of bills to pay off from school. The extra cash would also help me get an iPhone 4g
Chris Lind – Wright
Why: I want to buy new carpet for my house.
Pam Moos – Hill City
Why: Because I listen to KQ and love the station and the announcers and of course, I could use the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rhonda Hess – Grand Rapids
Why: KQ Rocks
Sarah Hamilton – Superior
Why: Because I work too hard and I should be rewarded.   :)
Tonja Spindler – Cloquet
Why: I have two young boys that want to go to DisneyWorld. We’ve been saving our change for several years now. This job would help contribute to our family vacation.
Jolie Goebel – Bovey
Why: I figure my odds of getting on the Workforce Payroll are better than my odds of winning the lottery……
Amy Martin – Side Lake
Why: I would like to earn some extra cash to put towards my vacation with my family:)
Molly Andrews – Superior/Duluth
Why:  I like/need money and Christmas is right around the corner. *BIG shudder* :D
Sarah Hamilton – Superior
Why: Because I work my butt off.
Lisa Gorny – Superior
Molly Wasche – Hibbing
Why: I think i should get this job because I have always been interested in radio and I plan to major in marketing and advertising.  I am currently attending HCC and i think this job would be a great experience for me!
Sue Kyllonen – Duluth
Why: Because I am very dedicated to my job!
Ray Kyllonen – Duluth
Why: I am a very hard worker!
Dan Norris – Duluth
Why: Because my job does not pay nearly enough and I listen to  KQ all day…might as well get paid for it!=)
Brian Elg – Duluth
Why: I have lost a lot of money because of the Vikings this year!
Kris Stark – Duluth
Why: I really could use some new windows on my house.  They are old and crusty.
Jason Miller – Brule
Why: I dont know
Brian Broman – Duluth
Why: Money is always good!
Kris Johnson – Superior
Why: I need it to help pay for my trip to Thunderbay so I can buy lot’s of stuff when I’m up there!
Marie Farmer – Duluth
Why: my son plays football and the extra job would pay for bus fares to the away games.
go hounds!
Howard Farmer – Duluth
Why: the heat hasn’t kicked on yet, but it sure feels like it will.  the extra job would help!
Joanna Regnier – Duluth
Why: I need to make some extra money, so my husband and I can go to Mexico next March to attend 2 friends wedding!  :)
Stephanie Gower – Alborn
Why: I just had a baby 4 months ago and I could really use the extra cash to catch up on my bills. 
Jeff Love – Superior
Why: I too work at Twin Ports Auto Parts in Superior With Jeanna Penney….who just so happened to work on the KQ work force for one hour ….I too think I would be an excellent workforce employee!
Stacey Seering – Duluth
Why: My baby needs a new pair of shoes.
David Penney – Superior
Why: I own Twin Ports Auto Parts In Superior….and I heard that my employees are double timing and working for KQDS as well….so if they can do it SO CAN I!
Ed Routley – Superior
Why: this is the only station to listen to.
Kim Routley – Superior
Why: Because I’d be crazy not to…I listen to KQ all day, every day..if I can get paid to listen, all the better.  :-)
Patti Jacobson – Duluth
Why: I need the big bucks to spoil my grandson.
Jilly Willy – Duluth
Why: I am a roller girl with Harbor City Roller Dames and I kicked Canada’s Babes of Thunder’s a$$e$ this passed Saturday at the DECC.  I think a little thicker wallet could provide good compensation for my aches and pains. 
Oh, I also work at Twin Ports Auto Parts with your 11am winner Jeanna Peanney (winner on 9-20-10.
Anita Roberts – Chisholm
Why: two teenagers!
Sharon Bush – Duluth
Why: ……..because I need the money………?
Shirley Parent – Ashland
Why: $95.00 an hour sure beats what I make now, and I love KQ95!
Richard Dahl – Drummond
Why: To help stimulate the economy by speding the money at local establishments to help them out.
Kirk peterson – Saginaw
Why: No reason anyone should be in it would just be cool to make that mutch money
Dean Mindestrom – Duluth
Why: I have been a loyal listener since KQ started in this town
Brenda Houle – Brookston
Why: I have been listening to KQ since “KQDS blew the WAKX out of my ears” and I would rock just like the “Q”!
Vernon Schaub – Duluth
Why: If you hire me, I will tell you guys the dirt I have on Jason Manning.  One Beer, One Burban, and one Coke.  Jason will know who this is.
Stephiane Schaub – Duluth
Why: Cause my husband doesn’t give me any money for me to spend on myself.
Jim Meinzer – Aurora
Why: Need a new winter jacket
Ken Conito – Duluth
Why: Its about time I get a break, been laid off for 1.5 yrs and all the time in the world to listen to KQ. If I get hired I will take my wife out to a well deserved dinner for 2 for all her OT she works to keep the ship afloat. She is my “Wife of the Year”
Darla Penny – Superior
Why: I’m a very proud Grandma…..and the Grankiddos NEED  school supplies….and computers and musical instruments aren’t cheap! Elena wants to play the drums or guitar….I can already foresee her playing stairway to heaven!
Justin Gower – Alborn
Why: I need extra cash to buy my wife a nice birthday present. 
Erin Johnson – Duluth
Why: A 9 month old and too many student loans!!!
Brenda Lambert – Superior
Why: Christmas is sneaking up, and I have 4 grandchildern to buy for.
Alyson Strobel – Remer
Why: I just retired and we couldn’t live to a radio at work.  NOW I CAN LISTEN AS MUCH AS I WANT.  Love KQ.  I could use the extra money now that I’m retired.
Steve Johnson – Duluth
Why: My dog  needs to  eat!!!
Barry Bjorklund – Hermantown
Why: lack of work.
Sandy Baker – Superior
Why: I need a second job where I don’t have to work too hard like you guys!  Just kidding.
Renee Goss – Pengilly
Why: no sob story i think everyone who signs up can use the money for one thing or another.
Matt John Higgins – Superior-Boulder
Why: Because I’m a douche bag that owes my father over $20,000 and every cent that I could possibly earn to pay him back would be cool…. except the fact that I’ll will just inherit everything when they die…therefore; I need some play money so that I may afford a cute dumb-blonde play thing that I will just knock-up and leave….and therefore become a dead beat father! Hook a brother up KQDS!
Pat Souter – Jacobson
Why: I am working my fingers to the bone, I have my nose to the grindstone and shoulder to the wheel and still can’t make ends meet!  I need the money!  Please hire me!
Melissa Kylen – Duluth
Why: Well lets see i think i need a new car and this way i dont have to get a 2nd job since i work full time now and if i got a 2nd job i would not have time for my family
Pete Karish – Biwabik
Why: i could realy use the overtime, cuz we are only working 40 hr weeks
Aaron Eryday ickson – Superior
Why: We listen to your station everday from 8am-5pm at work and I listen to you guys when ever else my stereo comes on. I am a really big fan of the train wreck.
Shellie Seering – Duluth
Why: I’m a hard worker….but I love to have fun!
Cindy shuaib – Duluth
Why: I am a full time mom who could use a job to
bring in some income. I am also a college student with a associates degree under my belt and currently pursuing a bachelors. I’m 23 and still relatively cool. Also my husband is in the CG and wants me to hold my own weight… And it would be great to make more money than him and rub it in his face. Well thank you.
Jeff Oliver – Duluth
Why: i need a new fish locater…and gear.
Scott smith – Duluth
Why: Because I’ve been a loyal listener since the 80′s and I need some cash
Jamie Rabold – Duluth
Why: My dog needs gas for the ATV!!
Becky Miller – Hermantown
Why: I could really use the extra money saving to go to mexico for my neices wedding
Heather Berg – Superior
Why: mama needs a new a pair of shoes.
Denny Almer – Foxboro
Why: Need money to cover my sons medical bills from this past weekends accident. Thank you
Jennifer Stuart – Deer River
Why: I’m a stay at home mom of two kids. Deer River is a small town. Need some income to go get our stuff from Buffalo Wyoming. We just moved here. Living in a small house sleeping on the floor til we get enough money to go back to wyoming… It would really help.
Ashley Norman – Duluth
Why: I need extra money to move out of my moms
Peggy Radosevich – Duluth
Why: In need of a mini vacation
Eric Stangler – Crosslake
Why: I am going to Kabetogama fishing this weekend. If I get hired that will give me more money to buy beer.
Heather Porter – Hibbing
Why: i have a 14 year old son and it’s that time of the year for him to start the sporting season and it gets real exspensive at this time so little extra money would help
Maria Wenneson – Carlton
Why: I need some extra money to help my son fix up his place for winter and we love listening to kqds while we are working  you’re the best
Tim van Gorkom – Ashland
Why: Because I could always use more money, and anyone who says they don’t , is lying.
Matthew LeBard – Superior
Why: My beautiful wife is giving birth to our first child today, and we will be listening to KQ all day.  $95/hr will keep her mind focused while in labor  :)  
Wayne Wenneson – Carlton
Why: I’ve got a wife and 2 kids who doesn’t need more money
Brenda Hallfrisch – Duluth
Why: I could use the extra money, I have a teenage daughter, need I say more
Tom Crotty – Duluth
Why: I just had my girlfriend move in and she complained about the state of my shower so much, I finally tore it all down and put in a new shower with new plumbing.  I broke the bank to do it and….. It leaks!! Not sure what to do next.  Oh, and I also love KQ and listen at work everyday.  Thanks guys!
Jayne Fransen – Knife River
Why: Who doesn’t love money!!!
Benny Urban – Cloquet
Why: im broke, im in the army gaurds, i work at a hotel, but i have KQ on the radio at all times. and im broke.
Pam Nelson – Superior
Why: I will be losing my job the at the end of October, is there a better reason?
Danny Luiten – Duluth
Why: Looking for a little extra help with money.  I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me and I think KQ is the only one that can help me out.  …… So Jen will you marry me.  Thanks KQ
Kevin Suliin – Hermantown
Why: I am a hardworking individual, a father of 3 active kids, and a husband to a wife that works shift work.  Being a Mr. Mom can be hard at times.  This would give me the chance to do something fun with the kids.
Jill Wise – Cloquet
Why: Because I am a hard worker
Carla Holm – Duluth
Why: I haven’t had a raise in almost 4 years and I need the money!
Cheryl Bohlen – Duluth
Why: I would like to pay off credit card balances.
Plus I have personnality plus!
Josh Pitt – Superior
Why: I work in a machine shop and i clean all day i think it would be a good motivation to work a little bit harder
Kaela Bachmann – Superior
Why: im currently unemployed so i think it would be awesome to win the money
Nita Cloud Johnson – Inger
Why: Work in cass lake live in Inger MN, 45 miles one way need the gas money !!! Dont forget about your up north listeners!!
Michelle Nikkola – Duluth
Why: I would be a perfect employee at your prestigious radio station,I love your music,
radio personalities. I currently have two jobs
and am a excellent employee. This third job
would help pay bills and put gas in my tank.
plus my husband thinks I need a third job.
Pretty please with sugar on top!!!
Paula Hanson – Grand Rapids
Why: Cause I listen to KQ all day in my office I actually like my job been at it for 21 years and very grateful in this economy to have a job and health insurance but my single premium for health insurance is over $400 a month thats tough on a $12.85 job. Help me keep my benefits.
Steven Sola – Duluth
Why: I would use this job money for a party which
my fellow employees!
Andy Grigg – Duluth
Why: I love your morning show and I listen to you guys everyday at work all day long. I think I am a good applicant, because I have a baby girl coming in Nov. Any extra money would be something great, especially with how the economy is going. My girlfriend and I would really appreciate this great honor. Thanks for your time and keep the classic rock a rockin!
Darrell Hawks – Duluth
Why: straight cash homey!
Jonathan Wegner – Duluth
Why: I drive a cheap Saturn and need to upgrade.
Vicki Nelson – Superior
Why: I have 3 children, 2 are in high school and 1 is in elementary school.  I am working 2 jobs to support the family and a little extra income would be nice!
Stefanie Lefevre – Duluth
Why: My fiance and I are planning for a wedding next July and the extra money would be awesome!
Paul J Peterson – Mountain Iron
Why: Well it is like pulling teeth to be able to listen to your station( which i love) at work cuz i work with people who do not listen to 95.  And i work hard to turn that station lol. I also recently bought a car that i need to get paid off and im almost there.  So any cash would help.  Hope u pick me!!!
Kreg Ostby – Carlton
Why: I am in need of a new bathroom in my house.
Tawnya – Superior
Why: It would help pay bills! And maybe a little extra to go and do something fun with the kids:)
Troy Haveri – Two Harbors
Why: I was looking two get a new tattoo and if u hire me i will get kqds tattoo on my arm.
John Lasky – Cloquet
Why Me : I love this kind of work.
Elizabeth Croger – DULUTH
Why Me : like everyone else these days i could for sure use 95$/hr to catch up on a few bills or put it away(ya right) for christmas or go to a vikings game or go to the ozzy concert dec 12th by the way hope kqds will be giving a few of those away, backstage passes would be the bomb
Pam Baumgart – Saginaw MN
Why Me : To pay bills – like everyone! :)
Mary Overlie – Proctor
Why Me : As Red Foreman would say “I’m loyal, faithful, hardworking and honest”
Diane Loverink – Swatara
Why Me : I start my day with the moning show and end it with the train wreck i need it to buy my husband a 30 year aniversary present
Pat Fredericks – Cloquet
Why Me : Because it is fun to listen to you guys
Jeff Asleson – Sturgeon Lake
Why Me : Because I llike your station, the music is awesome.
Jesse Lind – Eveleth
Why Me : See last years application. Thanks.
Scott Holden – Lake Nebagamon
Why Me : Because President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the bleeding heart socialists in Congress are making it hard for us poor, working folks to put food on the able. At this point, anything would help.
Kathi Sturm – Esko
Why Me : Because I listen to KQ everyday and could use the money!~
Linda Jensen – Silver Bay
Why Me : I need a job and I need a vacation
Shane Padgett – Duluth
Why Me : Love the music.
Jim LaBorde – Hibbing
Why Me : Grounded Astronaut, I can’t get my rocket to go off any more. I need to change occupation,willing to work for $95/hr. JIM
Lisa Prebeg – Eveleth
Why Me : I should be on the payroll so I can save up for a Halloween trip, with my 11 yr. old son, to Talladega, AL for the Nascar race. :o )
Kim Bleskan – Superior
Why Me : To earn extra money and take a cruise this winter.
Wade Reed  – Talmoon
Why Me : Married with children
Loretta Cloud – Deer River
Why Me : I am dedicated to KQDS and I love rock n roll! My enthusiasm and joy about life itself is very contagious. I currently am in the Accounts Payable Dept at Leech Lake Gaming but I think I would be a greater asset to Red Rock Radio :)
Jorey Olson – Duluth
Why Me : I think the constant squeeking coming from the front of my car has begun to annoy my neighbors. Time to get it fixed.
Tom Moerke  – Duluth
Why Me : 95 extra dollars would help alot with the bills. 95KQ is the best station around here…….
Leigh Siebert – Deer River
Why Me : I would love to be able to buy my new husband something special for our 1st Christmas together. We also have 2 daughters that are in diapers and need the money for that.
Bill Abbett – Duluth
Why Me : Because KQDS ROCKS
Neil Stolp – Chisholm
Why Me : The wife wants me to find a cash paying job, so i figure whats better than this! Nothin, KQ is the best! You guys ROCK. for sure my favorite station!
Dean Wolf – Carlton
Why Me : I need the money to by more deer stands….or buy my wife something really nice!!!!
Crystal Mosack – Superior
Why Me : 3 kids and a hubby think mom is a money tree. Need another job.
John Diver Jr – Cloquet
Why Me : I help elders and disabled people do dofferent odds and end aroung their place of living
Eleanor Smith – Cloquet
Why Me : I inspect hockey jerseys for 8 hrs a day and deserve better pay.
Margaret (Peggy) Haugen – Duluth
Why Me : Because it would be an honor to work with the two guys that make me laugh as I’m getting up and going in the morning. Plus, my son wants a ski pass for Spirit Mountain this winter!
Rocco Savero – Superior
Why Me : Im a faithful kq listener and Im BROKE!!
Deb Gonser – Superior
Why Me : I should be hired because I have two teenagers that I just purchased back to school supplies for!!
Michael Peck – Superior
Why Me : Just bought a house this year and could really use some money for fix up’s!!!
Noel Amber Carlson – Jacobson
Why Me : I am so frustrated, I just got out of college and student loans are becoming due and I can’t find a job. Please help me.
Catherine M Carlson – Jacobson
Why Me : My daughter is getting her first house and I’d like to be able to help her out a little. What mom’s won’t do for their kids.
Chris Goldsworthy – Saginaw
Why Me : I’m remodling a house and I could really use the money to pay for some of the things I need.
Kelly Larson – Carlton
Why Me : You should hire me because Christmas is right around the corner and I could use some extra shopping money!!! Thanks ; -)
Nicki Patnaude – Duluth
Why Me : Last time you folks were hiring, I filled this out and had a great story of selling my soul in college to work in the human service field (where it’s never about the money). Fortunately, I was called first. UNfortunately, I was out of town, nose to the grind, working hard for the non -profit I’m employed by, so I wasn’t able to hear my beautiful story or my name be called. I would love the opportunity to earn some more money, just in time to start thinking about the Holiday season (which is when I usually work MORE!). Thanks KQ!
Doug Foix – Grand Rapids
Why Me : So that I can help take care of my grandkids while there dad is working out of town.
Kurt Norgren – Duluth
Why Me : I should be on The Workforce Payroll so I could earn a few extra bucks and buy some ice fishing gear, or maybe some new sunglasses I can finally get precsription lenses put into so I can see better during the looming Minnesota winter.
Barb VanDorn – Grand Rapids
Why Me : Because I want to give it to my grand kids for there collage funds. St. Barb
Bobbi VanDorn – Grand Rapids
Why Me : Because I work my @$$ off all day long at work and get paid a crappy wage. At least this way I’d be making what Im worth, and it be in 1 hour. LOL
Tim Maki – Deer River
Why Me : I am a self -employed farmer/logger plus I do various dirt work jobs during the summer. Being self -employed means long days. I have two kids and a loving wife. Things were a little bit easier when the kids where home because they were able to help out around the farm. Now they are both in college, which is exciting, but it means that I am the owner, the employee, and everything in between at my farm and logging business. Logging and farming in northern Minnesota hasn’t been exactly booming the last few years and if I were able to get on the Workforce Payroll it would give me a chance to breathe a little more and pay some bills or maybe take a night off work to spend with my wife.
Scott Nelson – Duluth
Why Me : No one is more enthusiastic to find another job than I am.
Margaret Fjare – Solon Springs
Why Me : Truck dead, car on the fritz and eventually winter here! Me, NEED some relief with KQ!!!
glenn donahue – two harbors
Why Me : my wife wants me to make more money
Jodi Donahue – Two Harbors
Why Me : my kids need lunch money for school
Mike Tomasetti – Chisholm
Why Me : because my wife told me to & I get scared of her sometimes!
Sherri Puckett – Duluth
Why Me : I listen to the morning show every morning, I’m a realtor, and the real estate market isn’t the best right now.
Kyle Gibbons – Ely
Why Me : So i can spend the money on the commericals you play
Brenda VanDell – Esko
Why Me : We are in the process of adopting and it would be great if we could buy him a new bike, sled or just something fun.
GAil Lagges – Chisholm
Why Me : I really need a paycheck since my daughter is going to have a baby and i need to buy her some baby items. Thanks for reading this.
Todd VanDell – Esko
Why Me : I will have a new driver soon and could use the extra money for car insurance. You know just in case, but she’s a very good driver.
Bryan Zuehlke – Grand Rapids
Why Me : I am a work -a -holic, who works shift work and need to keep busy while the kids are in school!
Nicolle Zuehlke – Grand Rapids
Why Me : Because I already listen to KQ everyday, so I might as well be on the payroll and add in my two cents worth of information :)
Pamela Anderson – Cohasset
Why Me : I have a son who just started college and christmas is coming the extra money would be awsome. It would be fun to hear my name on the radio and have it be for Me!!
Linda Gentilini – Hoyt Lakes
Why Me : I really need some new tires for my car before the snow flys. Thank You KQDS!
Donna Lean – Hibbing
Why Me : I listened and listened last fall, but to no avail. I am sure it was an oversight on your part. I am still listening and am ready to make the money, and I really need it.
Heather Elofson – Biwabik
Why Me : Single mom raising two kids and trying to keep up with school activities and sports!
Michael Bismarck – Deer River
Why Me : You guys play the best music anywhere Thats why.
Tony Fedora – Duluth
Why Me : I need a little more cash to get that fish locator I have been wanting to get
Roger Johnson – Deer River
Why Me : Because I love your music and I work hard listening to it.
Tammy Sipsas – Iron River
Why Me : I am a long listener of KQDS. I still remember way way back when the station was being lunched. We knew one of the disc jockeys and listened to the station all the time. It brings back Great memories of HS. Now that I’m a stay at home mom of 4 I need this music to keep me going.
thomas – mountain iron
Why Me : cause we love listening to your music and I need the money
Matthew Mckeever – Duluth
Why Me : who else wouldn’t want to get paid to listen to great rock n’ roll
Terry – Esko
Why Me : Ive listened to kq since the beginning 30 yrs ago. ya im that old!.I listen to kq on my way to work,at work, on my way home. if anyone is qualified IM THE GUY!!!
Barb Lubas – Esko
Why Me : Because my husband throws all of our money away on horses.
Duane Bushell – Duluth
Why Me : because i am a faithfull listener to kq love the morning show and the train wreck and i could really use the extra cash and on future resumes i could put that i worked for kq making 95 BUCKS and hours
Susan Godden – Duluth
Why Me : It would be nice to have a 2nd job. And all you have to do is listen to our favorite radio station and wonderful DJ’s, It goes wherever I go!!! and get payed to listen to my favorite station KQDS!!!!!! THERE IS NO BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!
Nora May Emery – Bigfork
Why Me : I recently got engaged on the wonderful pizza train in duluth and would love to be able to earn some money to save for the wedding.
Judy Jauhola – Esko
Why Me : I work in Carlton Co. Probation, enough said!!
Cristian Bennett – Duluth
Why Me : Because I slave away as a civil servant and should be paid $95 bucks an hour for what I do. Plus I’m cute
Tony Master – Superior
Why Me : I listen to 95kq every day(rock -on)
Lori M. Olson – Superior, Wisconsin
Why Me : I sure could use the extra money! Wish my regular job paid $95 an hour………
Scott Johnson – Poplar, WI
Why Me : Just to have a chance to make some easy money and live the good life (kind of like a radio dj).
Paula Popovich – Superior
Why Me : I listen to the morning show everyday and you make my mornings!….I am a very dedicated hard worker and really would appreciate making $95/hour. Keep up the great morning shows…you guys really rock! And, the Trainwreck are great to have in the late afternoons…thanks everyone!
Mike Roberts – Duluth
Why Me : My dedication to listeneing to KQ each day will continue without distraction while I am on the clock!
glenda lee matteson – grand rapids
Why Me : My son and his wife just lost their home, due to outstanding medical bills. He almost lost his life due to a staff infection that went throughout his body, and was out of work for 6 months. They have 3 beautiful girls, ages 7 -17 and a baby boy that is due the 24th of this month. I work as a part time nurse with our school district and want to be able to help them as much as I can. They are living with friends at this time. Please hire me!!!
Duane Tyson – Superior
Why Me : After the wife broke her leg this spring we’re still playing catchup so this would certainly help out.
Mike Arezzo – Grand Rapids
Why Me : I now own two horses and they eat alot ,so I will work for money or hay.
Jack Haskins – Solon Springs
Why Me : Im rasing a 15 year old son and hes has no idea where money comes from so i could use the extra money to plant some trees out side so he can see that it dont grow on trees LOL please help me
Shawn McDonald – Duluth
Why Me : I am a stay at home dad of a demanding 15 year old daughter and a hyperactive 8 year old son. I’m not allowed to work, because of my disease, which makes me the stay at home dad. And my children are a handful, and I deserve some extra money, which I don’t have. Also, I would just like to get out of the house sometimes. Make a little cash, sounds good to me! Thank you.
Scott Dacon – Jackson
Why Me : i lost my eye sight and my job all in one day so i hope to get hired in at kq so i can make some money to move back home to duluth
Dave Angeloni – Virginia
Why Me : My wife needs extra spending money.
Conrad Sund – Hermantown
Why Me : I need to buy new tires for my truck,or i need money for wrecker calls this winter
Tim Bourgeois – Cloquet
Why Me : Because I have spent the last 7 months being unemployed and a stay at home dad. While I love caring for our daughter and day to day living chores, It would be nice to have some spending money that isn’t budgeted to go towards bills.
Pennie Bourgeois – Cloquet
Why Me : We are now on our 7 month of my spouse being out of work and I’m working full time plus to try and make ends meet. I work with CD treatment and have a very emotionally charged workplace. I would love to win the $95/hr in hopes of being able to take my hubby out for a night on the town.
Ken Jacobson – Ironwood
Why Me : As a volunteer firefighter for 28 years, I’ve run into burning buildings for virtually nothing. It would be great to make $95 an hour for DOING virtually nothing!
Denise Olson – Cloquet
Why Me : because i love ROCK N ROLL fellas! nuff said :)
Lisa Chapman – Coleraine
Why Me : I am a hardworking mother of 3 with 10 plus years of experience in the eyecare field. I work hard to give patient’s the best care and service at all times.
Pam Mansfield – Sturgeon Lake
Why Me : Because I listen to your station at work
Lisa Runge – Grand Rapids
Why Me : I need money – two kids in college!
Dana Drickhamer – Duluth
Why Me : My kids need to borrow from the bank of Dad
Louie Krikelas – Cook, Minnesota
Why Me : Last year I stated I’m getting too old to work so hard, well, now I’m another year older and still working my butt off. Give an old guy a break. Thanks!!+
Cathy Lutzka – Duluth
Why Me : My bright and sunny disposistion would brighten up any office! Plus…. I make a great cup of coffee :)
Cris Marlowe – Rutledge
Why Me : ive been a stay at home dad for the last 3 years.on my wifes days off we like to go fishing the river behind our house.i just think it would be nice if i could treat her to the beer and bait . she works very hard for our family and i think she deserves to be my wallet has been in my dresser drawer empty and dusty for along time.thanx for taking the time to review my application, u guys keep up the great music and have a steller day. peace to all of u . once again thx
Art Lange - Wascott
Why Me : My left cheek is lower than my other one: with 95 bucks more in my wallet, I’ll be able to sit up straight – just like Mom says I should do.
Tom Van Hale – Duluth
Why Me : Because I make a LOT less money than Van Halen.
Rhonda Hess – Grand Rapids
Why Me : KQ ROCKS!
Michael Serbousek – Iron River
Why Me : I work in Superior monday through Friday and could aways use the extra gas money.
Brian McMillan – Duluth
Why Me : Well, Its my Birthday….
Annette Berg – Duluth
Why Me : so i can have more money to stimulate the economy with.
Scott Johnson – Superior
Why Me : I could use some much needed cash. Trying to eek out a living in this economy is a killer. Fuel prices, semi repairs. Who can keep up? I listen to you daily…my favorite station. Make me smile today….choose me! Thanks, KQ.
Philip Hoberg – Superior
Why Me : Who couldn’t use some more cash? I sure could….student loans, rent, car falling apart. (Sigh!) Send KQ cash, please! Thanks!
Jeffrey Hoberg – Superior
Why Me : Came home from a 17 month stint in Iraq, only to be laid off from my job. I have a wife and infant son to take care of. KQ, can you pass some cash along to this Iraqi vet? Thanks!
Denise Johnson – Superior
Why Me : Five children, six pets, and a house full of chores! It’s a thanksless job. But, KQ could change all of that… is KING! Thanks!
Amanda Hoberg – Superior
Why Me : I have an infant that I care for. I left my job with a daycare to take care of him. I love my “new” job, but obviously miss, and could use, the cash! Hire me, please!
Dustin Engen – Marengo
Why Me : I will keep it plain and simple,I dont make enough money at my current job! and i wana make the big bucks like frank and jason!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenn Ochoa – Maple
Why Me : well i stay at home with the kids and some extra cash would be nice to get away and do something fun once in a while
Kyle Malec – Maple
Why Me : cuz this is the greatist station ever and i need money cuz my old lady keeps takin it all
Kathy O’Flanagan – Foxboro
Why Me : Bahamas, Bahamas, and Rum……we all need a break sometime and my time is now. KQ I could do a remote from there for the $95 bucks. Yeah mon!!!
Todd Roe – Duluth
Why Me : I’ve been a loyal listener for YEARS, and I know KQ wouldn’t be like the phone or cable type companies that have promo’s only for the new customers.
Chase Larson – Duluth
Why Me : I should be on the workforce payroll because I’m currently a full time student at lake superior college, and also working 30 -35 hours a week at dairy queen. Bills, gas, and wasting money on my truck that keeps breaking down every week get to be pretty costly, even fifty dollars would help out. I would be truly greatful to be
Deborah Simaytis – Duluth
Why Me : I am a newbie to the area, working is what I do! I found your station when we moved to the area from central Wisconsin, love the morning show guys! I try to out guess the birthdays every morning, if I do I honk my horn as I drive down 53 South to work. I think you should call my name and let me be on the payroll for the day. I always wanted to be on the radio!
Karl Magerl – Poplar
Why Me : Beer $$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!
Robbie T O’Brien – Superior
Why Me : My son will be graduating next spring so the extra cash will help out for pictures and a
Kimberly D O’Brien – Superior
Why Me : My son will be graduating next spring so the extra cash will help out for pictures and a
Eric Olson – Two Harbors
Why Me : I listen to kq all the time and kq rocks
Chuck Learn – South Range
Why Me : Because my wife spends too much money :)
Julie Learn – South Range
Why Me : Because I just had to buy my daughter a saxophone so I really need the money!
Ed McMullen – Bovey
Why Me : Rough year, need a break and 2nd job. Thanks Ed
Cheryl Walimaa – Grand Marais
Why Me : My son left for basic training for the Army National Guard this month and I need a little extra income to help pay for the trip to see him graduate from basic in late November.
Craig Sulkowski – Duluth
Why Me : I have A wife and Two daughters. They won”t know about this check They listen to a differant radio station.
Jim Kaldahl – Esko
Why Me : Need to pay for kids hockey!!
David Mathison – Coleraine
Why Me : Because I am a loyal listener, at home, work, car and even in the boat! In fact I am listening to you now.
Michele Davey – Duluth
Why Me : Christmas is coming!
Kory Fuller – Duluth
Why Me : To help pay for my Viking Super Bowl tickets
Sonja Hoyt – Superior
Why Me : Because who could not use an extra $95 a hour!!
Jay Jakubek – Cloquet
Why Me : to help pay for fuel oil this winter.
Jane Lilya – Virginia
Why Me : I work three jobs and figure that I could use a fourth. This would obviously be the easiest one. Gotta love KQ!!!!!
Stacy Seminara – Duluth
Why Me : I have no experience or job skills that would qualify me to make $95 per hour anywhere but here!
Brian Broman – Duluth
Why Me : Cause I listen to Kq all the time!
Lynn Christensen – Schroeder
Why Me : I need a vacation
Jodi Shadley – Cohasset
Why Me : because I am a fabulous worker!!
Linda Figgins – Grand Rapids
Why Me : 95 IS the only station we listen to here at work!~~
Donna Hill – Meadowlands
Why Me : Bills, bills, bills!!! All my money goes toward bills. I need some FUN money!!! You guys rock.
Donna Hill – Meadowlands
Why Me : Bills, bills, bills!!! All my money goes toward bills. I need some FUN money!!! You guys rock.
Jeff Hopke – Hibbing
Why Me : so my wife can stop saying she earns more an hour then me! woohoo!!!
Lance Tucker – Duluth
Why Me : hard worker things need to get done around here
Cory Troumbly – Taconite
Why Me : If on the lake fishing my dream of getting paid to do so will have been fulfilled, and I could restock my minnow money :)
Audra Sharpe – Superior
Why Me : My husbands birthday is coming up and it would sure be nice to have some extra $$ to buy him something really nice.
Krystal Carlson – Jacobson
Why Me : I’m buying my first home and I could use the money to help with the down -payment and closing costs.
Steven Manty – Duluth
Why Me : In the Spring of 2011 my wife and I are building a new house. All of the basement, Septic, and well will be all out of pocket.
Tom Hattenberger – Cloquet
Why Me : I am a hard working college student that just graduated with my law enforcement degree and jobs are currently hard to find in my line of work and im going to need to start paying my students loans back starting next month.
Mike Kurosky – Duluth
Why Me : Need $ for bills ,cause this economy sucks right now it’s killin me. Damned IRS -
Jen McInerney – Taconite
Why Me : Because I am most definitely a hard working gal that is very busy at work and at home. We could use a little extra cash around so we can do some fun things!
Beth Salminen – Grand Rapids
Why Me : GIVING SOMEONE THE GIFT OF SIGHT My wonderful husband who workds at our local juvinele center has bad problems with his eyes and is a good candidate for laser eye surgery, but like most people no money – -He just does such a wonderfu job with his youth I’d like to give him the Gift of better sight. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Renee Dormanen – Cloquet and Pillager
Why Me : I love music and KQ! A perfect fit.
Jerry Goodiel – South Range
Why Me : Because i tune in from light to dark !!! Forget the REST……..Your the BEST !!!
Tina Willie – Superior
Why Me : Im a reliable, dependable hard working person that can get the job done.
Karen Knase – Duluth
Why Me : If I can work for a company named “KIMCO”, have the email address that I do without getting fired AND work another job (in the same field) for a competitor I must be worth it.
John Snowberg – Foxboro
Why Me : My food stamps are about to run out
Jeff Anderson – Duluth
Why Me : I like money.
Dan Leseman – Twig
Why Me : Because I’m BROKE……..
Lori Leseman – Twig
Why Me : Because my husband spends all my MONEY..
John Carlson – Duluth
Why Me : I should be on the workforce payroll because KQ has the best classic music and I really need the $95 an hour!! I live in a group home and can’t get a job. Help me!!!! I listen to KQ 24 hours a day!
Cassidy Grimes – Superior
Why Me : Need the money to make repairs to my truck so I can Continue to be a contributing member of society.
Clifford Linder – Cloquet
Why Me : I’m committed to improving the economy and would spend the money earned at several fine establishments in the area. The value of me being on the KQDS Workforce Payroll would be recognized throughout the community, as I would proudly proclaim that I was being paid by the best radio station in the northland, KQDS!
Glenn Dobbs – Littlefork
Why Me : I am a pround grandfather of a 9 month old little boy, he is the light of my life. My wife and I had to take over the job of raising him, we have had him since he was 5 days old. If I am lucky enough to be chosen the extra money will go towards the expense of baby supplies. Thank you for taking me into consideration.
Sherry Berndt – Duluth
Why Me : Because i am a hard working homemaker
Karen Rickstrom – Superior
Why Me : I am a Domesticated Engineer and currently do not receive a paycheck. Although “thank you, Mom” and “Good supper, Bubba”(my husbands nickname for me) are worth a lot, being on a payroll again would be nice. :) Thanks
Dave Kauma – Wrenshall
Why Me : I’ve been tuning into KQDS forever and I really need the money!
Heather Cavanaugh – Cloquet
Why Me : I think I should be accepted to the Workforce Payroll, due to being underpaid now as a mother of 3 boys. I also home school our children which is a non -paying career. It would be nice to see some bucks just for me!! Thanks and please consider me for the job!!!
Katie Shoemaker – Coleraine
Why Me : I’m people friendly, can do almost anything, and I’m all around a hard worker.
Erik Vanous – Coleraine
Why Me : I’m a good listener, am never late to work, and work hard. Plus, I could use the $$$$
Lori Johnson – Nashwauk
Why Me : Started a new company, need money to keep it growing, while rocking with Kqds !
Dawn Aune – Two HarborDawn Aune – Two Harborss
Why Me : I need money to pay bills and help my daughter pay her bills so the money would really help me out.
Heather Rasmussen – Grand Rapids
Why Me : My son wants a pool party for his birhtday. It cost hundreds,money tha I don’t have.
Judy Grant – Duluth
Why Me : Will be unemployed Oct 1st…sure could use the help.
Lisa Hinnenkamp – Duluth
Why Me : Because with me on the payroll…I got ya covered!! Take the day off!! Nooooo problems…I will take care of EVERYTHING!!
Samantha Beichler – Duluth
Why Me : I am a Web and Computer Programmer and I would love to be able to use my skills to the benefit of 95 KQDS (my favorite radio station!). Maybe I could do some data entry so that those of us who listen to 95 KQDS in the car could view the name of the song and the artist on the car stereo screen!
Kari Wayrynen – Chisholm
Why Me : I listen to KQDS all day while I am working at home. I feel I am already part of the KQ team and would love to get paid for it now.
Debbie Albano – Bennett
Why Me : so i can have extra money to spend on my grandchildren.
Brenda Stokke – Duluth
Why Me : I feel I should be paid what I am actually worth.
Kathy Berndt – Duluth
Why Me : I would like to be considered for employment with KQDS because you put a smile on my face every day. Why not work with people that make you smile? Thanks for all smiles every work day!
Mike Homick – Hermantown
Joanne Jarvi – Hermantown
Why Me : I work 2 hard need money 4 a nice vacation be 4 I drop 2 my knees of a heartattack.Thanks 4 playing great music.Hope 2 see u guys at moondance jam next year,. not them hacks at KQRS.LOL
Miranda Ojibway – Cloquet
Why Me : I should be on the payroll because my job never stops! I am a full time stay at home mom of a 1 yr old, 2yr old(13 mnths apart), a 13yr old & a 9 yr old, AND two step children 13 & 9 also. Let’s not forget the biggest kid of them all, my soon to be husband. It wouldbe nice to recieve some kind of recognition -an incentive for doing what has to be done eachand every day, all day and all night!! come on i deserve it. I love each with all my heart but come on let’s be frank ilove them and i hate them so very much!! so many personalities gets pretty hectic pretty easy! thanks for the chance!
Justin Desormier – Grand Rapids
Why Me : I should be on the workforce payroll because I don’t have a job, my unemployment benefits have expired,It seems no one will hire me, I am renting a room that I can no longer afford I am about two weeks away from being homeless and because 95 KQDS is the best radio station in the entire world.
Denise Cross – Superior
Why Me : I need a second job.
Gail Pearson – Superior
Why Me : I would love to be put on the Workforce Payroll to earn extra income as I am currently unemployed and it has been a struggle getting a job. I have put in over 35 resumes and applications in the last four weeks and have been turned down for each one. I have a 15 year old son with disabilities that I need to provide for and I do not want to loose my house this income will help.
William Pulling – Duluth
Why Me : I love to listen to your show daily while at work and would love to earn extra income to help my girlfriend and her son out who is currently unemployed.
Dasia Kuehl – Two Harbors
Why Me : Christmas is coming too fast! Any help is appreciated;) Listen to KQ every day while I work.
Tanya Carlson – Hawthorne
Why Me : Hello my name is tanya I am a single mother of 3 who recently lost job due to knee surgery. I am now a homemaker however not by choice. College may be in my future until then I could really use the money. Thanks;)
Lynn Falk – Hibbing and Duluth
Why Me : I need the money to bail me out of jail in November when I jump the pitrow fence at the Phoenix International Speedway and chase after Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Julie Holm – Duluth
Why Me : Because KQ ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Francis -Bennett – Duluth
Why Me : I could really use the MONEY
Richard Sharpe – Superior
Why Me : Simply need the cash!
Tim van Gorkom – Ashland
Why Me : Probably the greatest job in the world would be to get paid to do something that you love to do: Listen to the best radio station in Minnesota.
Dennis Aubin – Duluth
Why Me : I have two teen -aged daughters who have become a severe parasitic draw on my wallet. Some extra cash would be good.
Dan Turner – Superior
Why Me : I think i can do a better job then Jason. Hes kind of a DICK to Frank
Vickie Baker – Cohasset
Why Me : It would be such an honor to work beside the two Jasons, Frank, Scott, and Zooch. What a studio full of fantastic radio talent to join!
Dale Wright – Bovey
Why Me : I’ve always wanted to be a high paid radio personality like you guys.
Richard Klobucher – Ashland
Why Me : my kid thinks money grows on trees.
Nakeisha Blue – Duluth
Why Me : All my life I have always worked hard and made sure to always do my best. Even with all my hard work, I am already in debt at 21. I have loans I can’t pay off from going to college, and my fiance and I are living paycheck to paycheck. We need to go to food shelves because there are times when we don’t have enough to pay for groceries. We even struggle to pay for regular maintenance on our vehicles…not to mention bills. It would be nice to at least be able to have enough money to save and have peace of mind for a change. Thank you so much for your time.
Mark Maciewski – Cloquet
Why Me : I like money
Brandon Sheldon – Cloquet
Why Me : who cant use an extra 95 dollars
Cindy Greely – Hawthorne
Why Me : School just started -need i saw more. The kids (or should I say the school) have tapped me out of cash.
Brad Greely – Hawthorne
Why Me : My wife spends my money faster than i can make it.
Kathleen Panger – Duluth
Why Me : I listen to KQ all day every day, starting at 3:45 am when I get up to go to work. I think I should be on the workforce payroll, because I really deserve to make $95.00 per hour! If I made $95.00 per hour I wouldn’t have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet, and I could still listen to KQDS! Please hire me! I am milti talented and can do any job you give me to do. I am always on time for work and never miss a day of work. I would be a star employee!
Bob Francisco The Godfather – Cloquet
Why Me : I need it Thanks
Lori Hovila – Superior
Why Me : $95.00 would be a great contribution to my end of summer bash…..& Frank, you’re invited!
Karyl Reed – Talmoon
Why Me : No training required – -I’ve been hired before.
Terri Holmbeck – Nashwauk
Why Me : Because I Need to Feed my Teenage Boy!!
Jerrie Hagblom – Grand Rapids
Why Me : I’m a hard worker and very dependable. I love KQDS
Stephanie Mackie – Superior
Why Me : I’m a single mom and any extra money makes a big difference!
Stacy Mackie – Superior
Why Me : I work hard and a little easy free money makes my day!
Kathleen Panger – Duluth
Why Me : I should be on the workforce payroll, because I really deserve to make $95.00 per hour! I work 2 jobs now and make somewhere between peanuts and buffalo chips per hour. Lets face it I live in Duluth and the heating season is upon us. Burr!!!!
Richard Cozzi – Duluth
Jackie Torre – Duluth
Why Me : I ran out of heat this spring, don’t tell my mom, when it was still cold out. (I wore layers of clothes around the house) Now I still need to fill my heating tank up with fuel oil for this fall, it cost around $700. HELP!!!! Plus I Love listening to you guys!!!!
Jim McLeod – Duluth
Why Me : For once I would like to experience the “Money for Nothing”, even if just for an hour. Love your show. Have a great day.
Pat Scollard – McGregor
Why Me : You guys are the best and there is no one else I’d rather work for (Yes, I’m sucking up) 95 bucks an hour ain’t so bad either
Brett Nelson – Superior
Why Me : I’m positive KQ is an equal opportunity employer
Bradley Nelson – Poplar
Why Me : Because I am a hard worker, and KQ rocks.
Brian Moore – Cloquet
Why Me : Because I can’t rely on trying to win the lottery forever.
Scott Ratajek – Duluth
Why Me : Because I would pour every nickel I received from KQDS into our local economy so we can keep the dream alive!
Tim Disbrowe – Cohasset
Why Me : Nevermind all that, just know that i am a well trained professional. Also, the wisdom and real life insight so generously shared by Chris, Scott, Frank, and Jason has changed my life. I have an avocation at a youth outreach where I tell kids it’ll change theirs too.
Kurt Gronseth – Duluth
Why Me : Why shouldn’t I. I’m worth it.
Justin Berntson – Duluth
Why Me : So I can get that burning itchy sensation in my bean shoot taken care of.
Bishop, Christy – Grand Rapids
Why Me : Dedicated listener.
Cynthia Potts – Duluth
Why Me : Because as far as I can remember I wanted to be on the radio. I still at age 43 practice my radio voice. Since this dream most likely will never become reality -I should at least get paid from one!!
Cyndi Wark – Duluth
Why Me : My son wants to play Hockey!
James Peterson – Duluth
Why Me : I work all the time, it’s just not enough to make ends meet.
Linnae Currie – Superior
Why Me : II am a dedicated worker as I have been with the same company for 19 years and have been listening to KQDS for just as many so why not get paid for listening to the best!
Roger Erickson – Duluth
Why Me : What could possibly be better that listening to KQ and getting paid forit?
Diane Charbonneau – Superior
Why Me : Because her husband signed her up!
Tony Charbonneau – Superior
Why Me : Because every office needs that guy that looks like he’s close to losing it.
Pam DeBaiso – Duluth
Why Me : extra money for trip to Florida
Angie Hansen – South Range
Why Me : I should be on the payroll because hockey season starts real soon, need the extra money to make son happy
Peggy Young – Duluth..
Why Me : Because I have 15 yr old twins, boy & girl, who have there driving permits, that need the gas money for mom to take them driving for good practice….
Connie Woods – Duluth
Why Me : It would be great to get paid for listening to KQ all day at work!
Dwayne M Roth – Gilbert
Why Me : I love classic rock and grandpa needs the money!
Mike Randall – Grand Rapids
Why Me : First of all I listen to your station everyday, from morning till I get home from work. I have my own buisness called Taxmasters. I do lawnwork, clean cabins, yard clean up, plow, and anything that people need help with. My daughter and my son help me sometimes but it would be nice to take a break from all the work and just sit back and enjoy just listening to KQDS.
Timmy Nieman – Duluth
Why Me : I need money towards a new tattoo! Thanks guys.
Cheryl Vanguilder – Proctor
Why Me : I love listening to kq95 and plus my birthday is coming up and some extra cash would be awesome!
Rick Williams – Ashland
Why Me : With Golf season coming to an end I need the money to go South this Winter to keep on top of my game
Heather Leino – Barnum
Why Me : I worked for you once before, but that was prior to my marriage! Both my new husband and I love 80′s ROCK!! As a newlywed, I’d love to work for KQDS AGAIN!
Melissa Schuster – Foxboro
Why Me : I currently work full time but I’m looking for a part time job to support my kids (3 girls! 13,11 & 9 years old) sports. They are all in multiple sports ranging from basketball, softball, volleyball and soccer. My husband and I listen to KQ all the time and attend most of your events and we always bring a ton of friends along. We are good advertising for KQ and you need to hire me! Additional qualifications: good computer skills, excellent written and oral communication and able to work effectively with little to no supervision. PLEASE HIRE ME!!!
Derek Wilkinson – Minneapolis
Why Me : 95 KQDS all day everyday! It’s nice to be able to still get a great piece of my hometown even though I live down here!
Michelle Dinehart – Duluth
Why Me : Because I am a ” Master Slacker”, why not find a easy way to earn $95.00!!!
Debrah Bender – Hermantown
Why Me : I always thought it would be fun to work for KQ even it ‘s remotely and to make $95 an hour would be great!
Michael Sullivan – Duluth
Why Me : Good Money. Good Co -Workers. Good Times.
Jodi Burgraff – Aurora
Why Me : I work in an insurance office. We work in a new building with an ALL metal roof, so some days it’s not possible to get KQ on the radio -and those are the days I go nuts! the 95.00 an hour would come in handy for some therapy shopping after a day like that! KQ keeps me sane! and makes the day go by allot faster -we aren’t able to stream KQ on line at work, but the days that it does come in, it’s wonderful!
Tina Myhre – Kelsey
Why Me : Why not?
DawnMarie Johnson – Cloquet
Why Me : I should be on the Workforce Payroll because I am such an awesome girlfriend, I just spent way too much money to get us to BIR for Muscle Car Shootout just so the boyfriend could break the car during his second run Friday morning.
Peter Vavrosky – Duluth
Why Me : I am a hard worker that shows up on time. I put in long hours and am upbeat while doing it. I had my name called 2 or 3 years ago and never got paid so hopefully this year my name gets called and I make that money. Thanks
Bonny Moran – Superior
Why Me : It’s getting colder, need heat, enough said : -)
Rhonda Lamprecht – Hoyt Lakes
Why Me : Because I presently work part time because of a medical disability and it isn’t enough to pay the bills. When I get home from work, the first thing I do is turn on KQDS.
Daniel Adamscheck – Superior
Why Me : To help pay medical bills for my new granddaughter. She is so cute. 8)
Stacy Kennelly – Superior
Why Me : need the money
Paul Kennelly – Superior
Why Me : I work hard
Brian Erickson – Duluth
Why Me : I own my own business. i work a hard labor job every day. i have six kids and i listen to the morning show every day
Mark Teigen – Iron River
Why Me : listen all the time, plus I have to pay for my new fat screen.
Dave Merrill – Duluth
Why Me : because….. I have a girlfriend that wants the world, child support that is due, a harley davidson that needs work… and i have a job that is very weak in pay. I would love to have this chance at real money.
Tammy Nykanen – Duluth
Why Me : Because I NEED to supplement my wonderful boyfriends income. His job is 1 step DOWN from donating blood.
Patrick Houle – Cloquet
Why Me : as a single dad it would help me care for my daughter and be able to get her the things that i think she desearves
Jon Hill – Hermantown
Why Me : I’ve been busting my ass every day of my life since I was fiffteen to try and earn a dollar, it would be nice for a change to make some cash just listening to an awesome radio station!
Sheree Ormondl – Duluth
Why Me : So i can afford to buy a new radio to listen to KQDS in my car
Richard Merrill – Duluth
Why Me : my job dont pay as good as KQ does.
Charlene Vercellino – Grand Rapids
Why Me : I love to talk
Tonie Corbin – South Range
Why Me : I work from home and listen to KQDS all day every day. Love the morning show!
Holly Engstrom – Duluth
Why Me : Because I love money!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Engstrom – Duluth
Why Me : Because I deserve so much more $$$$$$$ than I make know.
Jerry Knaus – Duluth
Why Me : Because my wife just ran into the back of a brand new Cadillac with her car. I need a new radiator at least.
Ed Schumann – Duluth
Why Me : Because I have a 6 month old son I need to buy diapers for.
Tim Anderson – Duluth
Why Me : We listen to KQ every afternoon/evening at work, plus my wife is ill and can’t work, so I could really use the money. I start work at 2:00 p.m. Mon – Fri.
Jamie Hassel – Duluth
Why Me : I need the money to but Vikings Superbowl tickets!!!! Skoal Vikings
Einar Larson – Duluth
Why Me : This is the first high paying job I am actually qualified for.
Kyle Gangl – Chisholm
Why Me : Because I don’t make enough at my current job.
Mary Nylund – Duluth
Why Me : I’ve always loved KQ You guys ROCK!
James Wilton – Superior
Why Me : Because I need a second income.
Jean Arends – Superior
Why Me : Because I’m awesome.
Christine Sheff – Pengilly
Why Me : I should be on the Workforce Payroll because I’ve been one of the KQ faithful since the station began back when I was a teenager! I will work hard for you, and play even harder :) .
Kris Parker – Duluth
Why Me : Because I am a loyal listener, love the morning show, although I do miss Bill.
Kory Fuller – Duluth
Why Me : Because I’m Poor, Hard work, Little pay
Jean Johnson – Barnum
Why Me : Because I work hard and I love this station
Randy Howe -
Why Me : You guys rock.KQ is my favorite radio station. Rock on.
Tammy Howe – Iron River
Why Me : i need the money you guys rock its my favorite radio station
Stacy Kennelly – Superior
Why Me : I LOVE KQ
Paul Kennelly – Superior
Why Me : need the money and i am a good worker
Sandy Fulton – Duluth
Why Me : Need the money for my birthday
Gary Fulton – Duluth
Why Me : I need the job my unemployment ran out.
Joe Westerberg – Duluth
Why Me : Struggling financially due to divorce and want to save to take kids to Disney World with their Dad. Help me to make this magical dream a reality and hire me!
Dawn Nelson – Hermantown
Why Me : Because I believe in the goodness of everyone and bring a smile to everyone I meet.
Thomas Ferrian – Duluth
Why Me : I started a small business here in Duluth 4 Years ago and while it is surviving I am having a hard time paying myself and supporting my family, I could really use the money to pay some bills.
Judy Bryan – Grand Rapids
Why Me : Because…….Momma needs some new shoes!!!!!!!
Keven Lindfors – Hibbing
Why Me : i was laidoff for 5 months and the bills are pilling up so a little extra money would help out a lot
Glenn Dammer – Duluth
Why Me : Because we have a new granddaughter that would love to help me spend it!
Jennifer Dammer – Duluth
Why Me : Because I want to work where Frank works!!!!
Rachel Carlson – Hermantown
Why Me : Because I have listened to the KQ morning religiously for 9yrs!!!!!
Jill Bastyr – Duluth
Why Me : My husband and both of my kids have birthdays in October so the cash would sure help. Maybe my husband would actually get a gift this year : -)
Mary Kropp – Duluth
Why Me : I recently relocated to Duluth after living out of state for the past 28 years. Being on KQ’s Workforce Payroll would be an awesome welcome home gift to me.
Sue Salo – Superior
Why Me : I listen to all types of music and especially love the classics on your station.
Jessica Albrecht – Duluth
Why Me : To help put some money into savings to buy a home for our little family.
Roberta Peterson – Cloquet
Why Me : Why not? I listen every day and enjoy doing it. So why not get paid for it too. Thanks KQ
Andrew Bennett – Dukuth
Why Me : Well extra money is never extra,Its just money
Shelly Roering – Cohasset
Why Me : I am a big fan of your station & love the morning show ~ they really crack me up in the mornings. After trying to get 4 kids up & out the door and off to work every day I can really use some good laughs ~ Helps keep my sanity! Then I work in an office everyday & you’re right here with me to keep my day interresting. I mean really – what would the girls in my office have to talk about every day if it wasn’t for your funny stories? Anyhoo, I’d love to be on your payroll ~ Thanks Much!
Everette A Haselow Sr. – Beaver Bay
Why Me : I have never been paid so well, for doing so little
Ashley Huotari – Superior
Why Me : After a long busy summer, my car completely gave out on me. The radiator and transmission need to be replaced, and I’m looking at about $4000 in repairs! $95 an hour would help repair my car, or help buy a new one! I listen to KQ all day at work, so why not get paid to listen!?
Kim Keuning – Duluth
Why Me : I don’t know why you wouldn’t want me on your payroll!!!
Tiffany Hanson – Duluth
Why Me : The car is sick and she needs some TLC!!!.
Anne Tinsley – South Range
Why Me : Kids need I say more!
Brian Thoreson – Fredenberg
Why Me : School clothes are really spendy with 3 kids in Hermantown!!! Please help: -)
Kim Martin – Cloquet
Why Me : baby needs a new pair of shoes
Patricia Gustafson – Hawthorne
Why Me : I’m heading to Vegas and I need a little extra spending money. I certainly can’t have fun on the pittance I make now!
Kevin Benjamin – Mcgregor
Why Me : could use extra money for new washer & dryer
Sherry Defoe – Cloquet
Why Me : saving up for honeymoon.
Mike Kelley – Cloquet
Why Me : If I said “Limited Warranty” Kicked “Butt(s)” on the “Boobs” from the “Jayhawks”, do I move up in line?
Molly Andrews – Superior
Why Me : To find out the truth…Are Eddie “Money” and Johnny “Cash” related? lol :D
Dave Dahlberg – Duluth
Why Me : I could really use the cash!
Rhonda Prahl – Ely
Why Me : I would use the money to help my parents with their expenses. And because i love you guys!!!
Gail Snickers – Cloquet
Why Me : I would love to compare FISHING STORIES with Jason.
Amanda Miller – Cloquet
Why Me : I could just plain use the money! Who couldn’t right now?!
Lisa Esler – Superior
Why Me : Because I’m a good, hard listener, and love music!
Amber French – Superior
Why Me : I would love to work for KQDS, even if it is only for an hour…. or a few!
Tim Shykes – Duluth
Why Me : cause i cant find a second job to help my family a i from going further backwards.Thank You Tim
Darlene Reinolt – Gordon
Why Me : Because I am a Gramma of 6 and you know who will be coming soon. No not #7 Santa silly. Sure would come in handy. Not only that but Gramma needs a new pair of shoes.
Dave Estey – Marble
Why Me : I’ve been married for 20 years, have 4 boys in Hockey, football, and baseball, and have never seen any of my own paychecks.
Jim Davis – Duluth
Why Me : Recent became divorced and this will help out with daily finances.
Bob Carlson – Superior
Why Me : In a month Im going to be a grandpa for the first time and the money will go to give my daughter a weekend away after my grandson is born. Thank you from a very long time lisener.
Kenneth Wainio – Ironwood
Why Me : can use the money!
Linda Kerr – Virginia
Why Me : I am a single mom of 2 teenagers. My daughter is in college and draining my bank account and my son is in high school and emptying my refrigerator and pantry. Please help!!
Peggy Minko – Superior
Why Me : Cause I LOVE KQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bret Stansky – Poplar
Why Me : A voice on the radio told me to
LeeAnn Johnson – Hurley
Why Me : KQ rocks. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t listen to music so this would be the ultimate job to have.
Bob Preble – Grand Rapids
Why Me : i could use the money to go racing
Teri Omar – Duluth
Why Me : Moooola!
Nancy Reijo – Brule
Why Me : For the almighty dollar!
Lori Wienen – Duluth
Why Me : CASH!
Maggie Fjare – Solon Springs
Why Me : I rock and YOU rock! I just wanna Rock N Roll!!! :)
Laura Blackmon – Duluth
Why Me : My boyfriend loves his girls,but doesn’t make much money. With Christmas coming, I need a job to help him make their Christmas extraordinary!
Mark bradach – Eveleth
Why Me : My old application should b on file since you didn’t freaking hire me last time!!!! Over qualified or what?!?!?!!!!!
Michael Lindberg – Superior
Why Me : I’m a loyal listener and handsome.
Lisa Karulak – Cloquet
Why Me : Working for KQ would be the best job ever. Never a dull moment.
Lyle Nygren – Duluth
Why Me : Need money for Miller High Life
Jason Sokoloski – Chisholm
Why Me : So I can afford to take a day off, and I love listening to KQ
Nancy Kauti – Superior
Why Me : I need some extra cash to help pay for my son’s hockey expenese.
Matthew Bordes – Superior
Why Me : Because I would be worth every dollar you paid me for all the work that doesnt get done at the station! :)
Alan Talarico – Hermantown
Why Me : because my wife said so.
Denise Warner – Kettle River
Why Me : Bacause I am a stay at home Mom and the pay stinks.. LOL
DAVE Adams – Duluth
Why Me : just had a baby, and diapers and formula are expensive,and dont really make that much money.and a dedicated listener of KQDS.
Amy Sather – Esko
Why: My employer added “mandatory furlough” to our jobs this year
Lindsay Brown – Duluth
Why: I’m a loyal KQ listener, in the car every morning and every afternoon, and I’m always ready to tell anyone who’ll listen that Classic Rock is the best!
Trudy Erickson – Wright
Why: I work from my home on my computer and I have you station on all day while I’m working, so I may as well get pd. for that to.  Ha!!
Clifford Sherer – Duluth
Why: I”m unemployed and can”t find a good paying job.
Mark Packingham – Duluth
Why: I grew up listening to KQ and I’m still a faithful listener! We have KQ on at work all day, we just tuned it in to 94.9 and broke the dial!!
Kathy Norton – Duluth
Why: I am a single parent – working two jobs.  I am VERY reliable.  I love to cook and bake – hey, I could bring treats!
Carol Hinkala – Cloquet
Why: i need the money and listen to station
Dan ONeill – Superior
Why: avid listener, best radio station in the twin ports
Jennifer Crum – Gilbert
Why: KQ needs more Rangers
Ann Chapman – Newcomer to Solon Springs from Alaska!!
Why: Transplanted from Alaska to Solon Springs and need a job!  I’ll be the best employee you’ve ever had!
Nancy Reijo – Brule
Why: Need a winter coat, boots and gloves!!!   :(
Maggie Klein – Mercer
Why: I am currently working 2 jobs to pay for college tutions. What’s one more job!! I have one daughter in college and another that will be starting college next year. Any extra cash I could make would help me pay for this. Please consider
hiring me. Thank you..
Tracey Lundgren – Duluth
Why: Christmas is coming fast and I have a teenage boy….. enough said!
Lori M. Olson – Superior
Why: I sure could use the money…..if only my regular job paid that kind of salary!!
Roy Salter – Duluth
Why: Because I cannot think of a good reason not to be in the Jobs Program.
Lori Bustrom – Superior
Why: For the last 4 yrs. I have had a string of bad luck.  I have had throat cancer twice.  Last November it returned and I had to leave my home for 4 months (surgery and recovery), during that time my 2 room-mates turned our home into a full blown meth house.  Needless to say none of the bills were getting paid-the money I was sending was going for meth-well the landlady evicted us-which I did not know about-so when I returned I had no where to go and the landlady confinscated my furniture and personal belongings for unpaid bills.  After 66 days she finally allowed me to get my belongings for the cost of storage, which she said was 200.00 to move and 5 bucks a day storage.  I’m on disability for a few more years and really can’t afford to chunck out now 5 months worth of fees.  I could really use the 95$ an hour to get my belongings back  and continue on the road to recovery without the added stress of trying to figure out how to come up with the money.
Stefanie – Duluth
Why: It would be awesome to work for 95KQDS!
Jack Walsh – Duluth
Why: Classic rock is the best, and KQDS plays the best music. I would get payed to listen to classic rock!
Dave Lundeen – Duluth
Why: Need to pay off my daughter’s wedding.
Tammy Jacobson – Superior
Why: I work all day at work, then go home and cook, clean, and take care of the family so I deserve $95 per hour.
John Jacobson – Superior
Why: My Son is starting driving and I need the money to pay for his insurance and I am a great guy!
William Abbett – Esko
Why: The way I see it I’ll never make 95 dollars an hour any where else so let’s rock 95 Kqds
Mark Bodin – Cloquet
Why: need money for upcoming hunting season.
Brett DeFoe – Superior
Why: I work 2 jobs now m thru fri 7am-2pm them 3pm-1130pm figure i could squeeze in one more job..
Eugene Pecha – Ely
Why:  I need the money to replace something that was stolen from me at work.
Fred Rose – South Range
Why: I think kqds is a great station, I have been a fan for years and years
Joel Steiner – Esko
Why: Faithful listener
Louise Lambert – Esko
Why: Because i need the money for my wedding.
Julie Quinn – Duluth
Why: Extra cash is always handy this time of year with heating expenses rising
Michael Campy – Superior
Why: retired and need the extra money!
Valerie Hancock – Ely
Why: I listen to the radio all day- and the pay is pretty damned good!
Lori Badavinac – Pengilly
Why: Well to start off with I have been unemployeed for 2 years..Now just started a part time job then my car broke down havent worked long enough to get a loan…problems ,problems, problems,…  
Not that that isnt all true….Come on we all know EVERYONE IS WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND…cuz all of us GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN…and we know DIRTY DEEDS ARN’T DIRT CHEAP…
So i could really us a few more hours of EMPLOYMENT!!
Thanks for your time..
Russell  Anderson – Cohasset
Why: because i have two sons that keep me broke one is in college they think money grows on trees
Michele Erickson – Cloquet
Why: I could use the extra money to start on Christmas shopping!!
Bob Gurske – Ashland
Why: Why not?
Jeff Innes – Baxter
Why: I know my classic rock and roll. Also, I can use the money for building a drag car for BIR so you guys could watch it next year at the Nationals!
Randy Strand – Virginia
Why: Need a good paying job in this tough economic time.
Steve Johnson – Cloquet
Why: I should be in the jobs program so I can feel what it is like to earn an extremely healthy hourly rate.  At one time in my career, I did make a bit more than that, of course it was Christmas Holiday at one of the local hospitals.  It was very amazing !  Now they don’t want  me anymore, but life is still good!   I do enjoy the station and it is on during my study hours.  Looking forward to being employed again.  Thanks Steve.
Marty Serbus – Virginia
Why: I love listening to 95KQDS in my car and at work i always have a radio on.
Linda Couture – Hermantown
Why: Cause baby, I was born to run!
Greta Stepp – Duluth
Why: Because I need some time off!
Lindsey Walczak – Duluth
Why: I am in desperate need of some extra cash for my wedding next summer.
Jeanna  C. Penney – Superior
Why: I should be hired for the following
1. Due diligence is my motto!
2.  I currently  work at a salvage yard,
 Twin Ports Auto Parts in Superior….and am able and willing  to listen to KQDS during workforce hours
3. I would love to stay on the clock as long as possible! I’m shooting for 8 hours!
But daddy! I want TWO PONIES!
Chris Kylen – Duluth
Why: I need to get my car fixed and my wife told me i should get a second job.  This is the only job i wont have to do real actual work.  I spend enough time listening to Frank and Jason in the morning, I might as well get paid for it.
Barb Goenner – McGregor
Why: I work with Kids all day long(Kids Plus Program) and a couple nights a week I deal with adults in a bar and  restaurant setting.
Don’t you think I deserve a break today?
John Dorn – Moose Lake
Why: Because if anyone deserves 95 per hour everyday of the year just for being a KQDS listener, it would be yours truly!!!
Mindy Gayken – Superior
Why: I really… really…. need a vacation!  And I think some extra spending money in Vegas would help!
Scott Stevens – Duluth
Why: $95 an hour sounds like a decent starting wage so I figured I might as well apply.
Barb Arnold – Bovey
Why: Need the cash!  Who doesn’t!
Lloyd Fjare – St Paul visiting Northland!
Why: Hunting season is upon us and soon to be new grandbaby needs winter gear!!
John Henry Smith – Superior
Why: Because i like easy money
Jilly – Duluth
Why: I kicked a lot of a$$ this weekend in our local Roller Derby league the Harbor City Roller Dames.  I deserve to be paid for the entertainment I gave.  My body aches and my wallet should be heavier….
Please help out a derby girl….
Mary Kay Byers – Duluth
Why: I am a faithful KQ listener.  I wake up with the Morning Show and spend my afternoon with the Train Wreck.
Shelly Serich – Grand Rapids
Why: I am a single mom with two daughters, one in college and the other  with champagne taste on my beer-bottle budget. So I can use all the help that I can.
Tracey Dagen – Tower
Why: Because who couldn’t use $95/hr, who else but me?!?
Jody Frings – Lake Nebagamon
Why: With 2 kids in college, any extra money is very helpful!
Allan McDonell – Duluth
Why: I need a second job to help drown my viking sorrows…
Nancy Reijo – Brule
Why: Need a winter coat, boots and gloves!!!