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Nothing in particular

The guy who is in charge of all of the KQ online stuff asked me why I haven’t been blogging.  I told him because I have what’s commonly known as a life.  He’s a nice fellow though so I’m posting something here to keep him from having a cat.

Just when you think the Vikes couldn’t possibly be any worse, there’s always next week.

I have almost completely stopped paying attention to anything a political figure says anymore.  And a lot of other people have too.  That’s scary.  For us.  Not them.

My son has a silky-smooth golf swing.

Pink Floyd is re-releasing their albums in a billion different formats and box sets in the coming weeks.  Pink Floyd is flippin’ rolling in cash.  They’ll have another chunk of mine soon enough.

I am pretty sure you’ll never catch me hiking along the Iran/Iraq border.

Finally watched “127 Hours”.  If I were Aron Ralston, me and my arm would still be in that canyon.  That guy is a stone-cold badass!

My daughter and I pray together right before bedtime.  I’m not a particularly religious person.  It’s just our thing we do.  I pray that she never gets tired of it.

I am a huge fan of Bruce Ciskie.  That guy will make it big one day.

Have a nice day.