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Mother’s Day Letters

Winning Letter

From: Lisa

Story: Dear KQ It was movie night at our house. Our daughter Aurora was 4 and our son Tommy had just turned 2. We were eating popcorn and watching a Disney cartoon. I believe it was the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Aurora was giggling and laughing but Tommy was being very quiet; and all parents know what that means! We looked over to see Tommy holding the bowl of popcorn. Then he reached in, grabbed an old-maid (un-popped kernel) and promptly shoved it up his nose!! Aurora laughed harder! I grabbed the bowl away and Dad laid Tommy down. A quick examination and we knew there was a problem. Not only couldn’t we snag the kernel, but he’d shoved more than one, up both sides!! Thinking quickly, my husband told me to grab a straw from the kitchen. Now at some point in our lives we’ve all sucked liquid up through a straw, stopped it with our tongues and promptly shot the liquid at a friend or sibling. Using this technique to stick the kernel to the end of the straw my husband managed to remove six kernels from each nostril!! How did they fit up there??!! We thought we had them all but there it was…number thirteen…stuck up the left nostril where no straw could reach just past the bridge of his nose. So we piled into the car and headed for our small town hospital. Where we had to wait 20 minutes for the Dr. to drive to town too since it was after 8pm. The Dr. arrives and tries tweezers, then he tries a forceps hoping to grab the elusive kernel but only succeeded in shoving it in farther. After a half an hour of fishing the Dr. gave up. By this time Tommy had become squirmy so the Dr. suggests we tie him to a backboard and fish for it one more time. If that fails he said we would be looking at surgery to remove the dreaded kernel. I thought this was getting a bit ridiculous so I pointed to the flexible tubing used to suck mucus, it’s narrower than a drinking straw and the device has a more powerful suction than a mouth. The Dr was a bit reluctant but finally said o.k. he’d try it. Five seconds later the offending kernel was out!! I think he was embarrassed to admit that a mom could come up with a better idea than a Dr could but he did say he would remember that trick! Well there it is..the dumbest most embarrassing thing my son ever did, and some might even find it gross!! Sincerely, Lisa




From: Anonymous

Story: Dear KQ morning show,

I am submitting this letter as Anonymous because the story I have for you is so disgusting that I do not want anyone to be able to identify me or my child. I am a mother of 3 kids, so I have definately seen the best and the worst of raising children. However, the story I am about to tell you, as you say, defies ALL logic. When my son was 4 yrs old we had just started trusting him to use the bathroom by himself without the “cleanliness check”. So on this day I heard him go into the bathroom and just let it be. After a while I realized that it had been a long time and I went to check on him. I found him over the sink spitting into it and I thought “great another puker” so I went over to see how he was. When I looked in the sink I saw that he was spitting a brown substance in it. Now first thing that comes to mind for me is “how the world did he find chocolate in the bathroom?” Then it hit me. It was poop. Yes, my son ate his poop. Having 3 kids you learn to have a strong stomach, so thankfully I was able to walk away before I lost my lunch and scream at him from the living room to rinse his mouth, brush his teeth and throw the toothbrush away. To this day I still can not wrap my head around why anyone in their right mind would ever do that, and yet my child did. It took a very long time for me to let him use the bathroom by himself again. He is now 11 and is seemingly a normal kid. But you have to believe that I always hesitate just a little when I go to give him a kiss.


From: Janelle

Story: Shortly after my daughter was born I was exhaused trying to keep up with a new baby and a 1 1/2 year old Toddler named Dillon. I layed down on the couch with my daughter cradled in my arms and Dillon was sitting on the floor playing. Well I must have dozed off, it was only a matter of maybe 5 minutes max and I awoke with Dillon wiping his fingers across my face saying “mama!, mama!”. As I looked at him I saw he was covered in poop…at the moment I panicked realizing WHAT he had just wiped across my face!! I picked him up, set him in the tub and scrubed my face!! After I got him clean up, I walked back into the kitchen, realized he took his diaper off on the kitchen floor and tried to clean it with a straw broom but just smeared it across the floor which was dry by now. I think I then washed my face about 10 more times and thought I will not be laying down anymore unless Dillon is sleeping in his crib!


From: Jackie

Story: My story begins with thinking getting a puppy along with having a 14 month old son would be fun and managable. Unfortunitly I was wrong! I was in the living room folding clothes when I noticed the dog and the kid were missing and they were quiet I got up to go looking for them and I find them both in the dining room my son with brown stuff all over his face and hands. When I got closer I could smell exactely what he was playing/eating my puppies dog poop. When I got over the gag reflexs I cleaned off my son and had to brush his teeth like 15 times before all the chuncks and smell was gone from his mouth. He screemed the whole time because I took away his fun.


From: Shari

Story: Someone came over to visit and said hi to my 3 year old daughter. She replied hi, my dad shits all over the back of our toilet. I tried to shush her. When I did she turned to me and said, you were there mom you saw it! I quickly tried to shut her up by this time. Which then she said, oh don’t worry, my mom said that he WILL be cleaning the bathroom. Such a cute little sailor that I’m raising!!


From: Jessica

Story: Well this just happened recently. My son is just over a year old I was letting him have some naked time, as I was getting ready for work, he was being awfully quiet. This is very unusual for him so I went to check on him. Well he was eating something. So I went over to see what it was. Knowing that I did not give him anything to eat, it was his POOP! OMG I was trying to get it out of his mouth and he ate it! I called the doctor to make sure he would be okay. He said it happens. I almost puked when I saw what he was eating! No more naked time in the mornings


From: Linnea

Story: Tearful cries of “Mommy, mommy, hurry” sent me running to the bathroom, where I found my then 3 year old son, sitting on the toilet, crying. His problem? He’d taken a roll of life saver candies along with him, and while observing them, decided he’d attempt to poop through the hoop. He’d inserted a life saver into his bottom, it was stuck, and it was left up to me to retrieve it. Needless to say, we both survived his experiment and years later we’ve never forgotten.