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KQ Valentines Day Worst Date Contest

There’s a millon ways a date could go wrong and KQ wants to hear about ‘em!
It’s the annual KQ Valentines Day Worst Date Letter Contest!
Tell us about your worst…date…ever!
The KQ Morning Show will read a letter every morning.
If yours is read, you’ll pick up a Valentines Bouquet from Forever Marges Floral in Superior.
The best worst date letter wins dinner and a movie for 2 at Zeitgeist Arts Café and Zinema Two Theater,
a 100 dollar gift card to Wild Birds Unlimited, a 100 dollar gift card to Forever Marges Floral, A $100 gift card to Perk Place Coffee House and Bakery in Duluth, and a massage from Eagles Nest Massage Therapy.

Happy Valentines Day…from Classic Rock KQ

2014 Worst Date Letter WINNER

My sophomore year of college was everything I hoped for. It was a non-stop party. However, my worst first date ever happened to finds its way into all of the fun. My room mate and I were having a party in our little, yet somewhat spacious 2 bedroom dorm. I noticed a girl looking at me every time I would scope out the room. I had no clue who she was, but my eyes really liked what they saw. She appeared to be alone and wasn’t socializing with anyone. So, I walked over to her and started some small talk. She said she was from a neighboring school. She was at another party a few floors above us and decided to come check on ours’ instead. As we kept talking the topic turned to music. Wouldn’t you know, I thought I found my dream girl. She was into every band that I liked. And she “understood” the true meaning of a good song. I took her to my room to show off my ridiculously enormous record/cd collection. One thing lead to another, and the fun was broken up by some friends

that ended up overflowing through the door to my room. I got her number and gave her my number, and we agreed to get together soon to talk more music. I didn’t have to wait long. She called the next afternoon and we made plans to meet for dinner at a cool place on 7 corners. We met, we had some pre-dinner cocktails, and then it happened. I was blessed (or became the victim) of the typical movie cliché. She said, “Let’s just skip dinner.” My room mate left that morning for his usual every other Saturday overnight at his parents’ to get his laundry done. I had the whole place to myself, and I already alerted my date of the situation. We got to my place and had a few more drinks. She was pouring them strong (or at least mine were strong). And once again one thing lead to another (this time without interruption). All I can say is the night was great. A great collegiate Saturday night. Then the morning reared its head. I woke up alone in my room. Hoping that this “girl o

f my dreams” was in the main room drinking coffee and watching the Sunday morning news. She wasn’t there. And she wasn’t the only thing missing from my dorm. Every cd and VHS tape from my collection was gone (she left the vinyl). Plus, all of my room mate’s cd’s and DVD’s (he was on the cutting edge of technology back than) were gone too. To add insult to injury, all of our booze was gone. My dirty laundry was spread all over the bathroom floor. She emptied out my 2 laundry baskets to get everything out of the room. At this time in my life, those items were the only things of real value to me. Worst first date ever. Because it was our first and our last and she took everything! We didn’t even get the chance to go through a proper courtship/marriage/divorce. I called the number she gave me the night of the party, only to get a voicemail to a catering business. My room mate got home and was far from impressed. But, he understood. Lesson learned. My promiscuity for my

remaining couple of years of college faded fast. And throughout the years, my music collection has been replenished. I never saw her again. So kids, like the good gentlemen at the KQ morning show tell you on a day to day basis, “don’t do drugs.” And if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Keep rocking our mornings my good men. Sincerely,