Red Rock Radio is the Northland's premier family of radio stations. Located in the historic Canal Park of Duluth's downtown, Red Rock Radio Corporation is proud to promote the best in the most popular music genres and feed it over the airwaves to the surrounding areas.

Contact: KQDS
501 Lake Avenue South - Suite 200
Duluth, MN 55802
Office: 218-728-9500
Studio: 724-7625 / 877-724-9595


Secret Sound Guesses

Jeff from Tower – Hitting sheet metal with a hammer

Kevin from Ironwood – Sealer on top of coffee can

Penny from Poplar – Helium balloon tanks

Adam from Duluth – Bail on a fishing reel

Kevin from Ironwood – Tire changer

Larry from Saginaw – Opening a can of Pringles

Craig from Duluth – Twisting and ripping an aluminum can

Matt from Duluth – Raising a flag on a flagpole

Vince from Knife River – Opening a can of sardines

Randy from Grand Rapids – Plunger on a gas lantern

Scott from Duluth – Tying up a tongue jack on trailer

Bruce from South Range – Tube at a bank drive through

Tim from Hermantown – Rope on a pipe

Holly from Grand Rapids – Pitching machine

Eric from Cloquet – Aluminum snow shovel scraping the ground

Mary from Ironwood – Elevator reaching floor

Jim from Babbitt – Air compressor hose

Sheryl from Proctor – Wood planer

Jaime from Duluth – Skateboarder riding rail

Craig from Duluth – Cement trowel

Scott from Duluth – Extending the hand on a landing net

Scott from Superior – Hockey puck sliding across the ice and hitting the post

Kevin from Ironwood – Expired parking meter

Luke from Cook – Opening a car ashtray

Andy from Grand Rapids – Sliding open a shower curtain

Mike from Duluth – Sharpening a knife

Nancy from Cromwell – Automated ticket dispenser

Mark from Sturgeon Lake – Blowing up tire tube

Mike from Cloquet – Filling a beer keg

Tim from Hermantown – Change counting machine

Lee from Superior – Pneumatic hammer

Callie from Grand Rapids – Playground zip line

Heather from Duluth – The end of a flushing toilet

Ed from Duluth – Float being dropped in toilet

Cory from Silver Bay – Lever on a vending machine

Peggy from Duluth – Pinball plunger

Scott from Duluth – Connecting vacuum cleaner hose

Al from Duluth – Door unlocking on washer

Mike from Cloquet – Flapper

Doreen from Duluth – Bowling ball return

Glen in Iron River – Rope pull returning on an engine

Mark from Iron – Driveway gate locking

Kathy from Superior – Rock going down a gutter