Red Rock Radio is the Northland's premier family of radio stations. Located in the historic Canal Park of Duluth's downtown, Red Rock Radio Corporation is proud to promote the best in the most popular music genres and feed it over the airwaves to the surrounding areas.

Contact: KQDS
501 Lake Avenue South - Suite 200
Duluth, MN 55802
Office: 218-728-9500
Studio: 724-7625 / 877-724-9595


Secret Sound Guesses

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Tim from Duluth – Whistling into a beer bottle

Christopher from Hibbing – Holding a microphone under water

Veronica from Cloquet – Bingo machine

Debbie from Cloquet – Trying to start a boat motor

Barb from Iron River – Drinking a malt at the bottom of the cub with a straw

Terry from Aitkin – Listening to a chest through a stethoscope

John from Grand Rapids – Dropping a beer bottle cap on a mat on the floor

Casey from Two Harbors – Dishwasher

Terry from Aitkin – Holding a microphone to Jason’s chest

Jeanine from Foxboro – Holding a microphone inside a blender

Scott from Duluth – Burner on a house furnace

Maria from Odanah – Going through a car wash

Ruth from Saginaw – Blowing air through a tube

Jordan from Tower – Snowmobile idling

Jeff from Duluth – Back windows down on a car

Paul from Munger – Using an immersible blender

Debbie from Cloquet – Depth finder

Chuck from Goodland – Coffee espresso machine

Brandon from Wright – Coffee pot at end of cycle

Kirk from Superior -  Sipping the dribbled coffee on the edge of a coffee cup

Rhonda from Goodland – Ceiling fan

Crystal from Chisholm – Lighting a gas grill

Chris from Duluth – Garbage disposal

Cory from Silver Bay – Water dispenser on refrigerator

Ed form Duluth – Water going down a drain

Matt from Superior – Chalk on a sidewalk

Casey from Two Harbors – Humidifier

Ron from Duluth – Golf ball rolling around in hole

Casey from Two Harbors – Washing machine

Joe from Ironwood – Nozzle on a Ready Whip can

Marie from Duluth – Dental vacuum

Jim from Superior – Furnace/heating duct

Brett from Duluth – Screwing the top on a Thermos

Cindy from Virginia – Spinning string on a kite

Terry from Aitkin – Passing train

Steve from Lutsen – Jogging

Mike from Bigfork – Weed burner

Chuck from Aurora – Running outboard out of water

Corey from Silver Bay – Hairdryer

Brandon from Wright – Fountain pop machine running out

Bill from Chisholm – Bubbler on a fish tank

Perry from Keewatin – Driving down the road with your cell phone out the window

Bill from Chisholm – Small air compressor

Tyler from Duluth – Soda Stream machine

Chuck from Goodland – Electric can opener

Barb from Ashland – Steam Iron

Ricky from Duluth – Ball rolling through aluminium gutter

 Carol from Saginaw – Gas lantern

Ashley from Britt – Motorcycle running

Jennifer from Iron – Light Saber

Beth from Carlton – Propane heater

Andrew from Cloquet – Kitchen mixer

Kathy from Ely – Coleman lantern

Dan from Proctor – Whirly tube

Brandon from Wright – Empty keg

Maria from Superior – Sonar ping

Barb from Duluth – Wheeling BBQ on cement

Mark from Moose Lake – Operating a gas grill

Dan from Bessemer – Needle on a record

Mike from McGregor – Cappuccino machine

Rico from Grand Rapids – Electric ice auger

Chelsea from Duluth – Cold air blowing out of the freezer

Michelle from Odanah – Drive thru speaker box

Luke from Brainerd – Dentist suction tube

Rich from Grand View – Rolling a bowling ball down bowling lane

Anita from Marcell – Blowing bubbles with a straw in milk

Hal from Grand Marais – Propane deep fry cooker

Chuck from Goodland – Dropping down window shades

Sherry from Grand Rapids – Ice scraper

Marvin from Superior – Spinning Coin

Linda from Duluth – Industrial air conditioner

John from Duluth – Sharpening a pencil

Anna from Duluth – Bubblier on a fish tank

Tony from Duluth – Sharpening a knife

Merrill from Hill City – Windshield wipers going across frost covered window

Jerry from Kettle River – Dog snoring

Tom from Minong – Soda Stream machine

Shawn from Hermantown – Sliding cup across counter

Eric from International Falls – Money machine

Deb from Cloquet – Coffee pot peculation

Tyler from Hibbing – Sump pump

Matt from Superior – Sucking bottom of drink with a straw

Timothy from Ironwood – Gravitational waves between space and time

 Michael from Carlton – Aquarium pump

Rita from Biwabik – ABS Brakes

Amy from Long Prairie – Hand dryer in public bathroom

Melissa from Superior – Toilet flushing

Rod from Duluth – Cross country skiing

Scott from Duluth – Starting electric grinding wheel

Timothy from Eveleth – Door cracked open on moving vehicle

Missy from Proctor – Pottery wheel

Veronica from Cloquet – Electric air pump

Scott from Duluth – Scuba diving

Scott from Duluth – Quartz infrared heater

Carol from Cloverdale – Industrial shop vacuum

Kathy from Ely – Spinning top

Alexis from Duluth – Water cooler

Jason from Proctor – Tape player

Jackie from McGregor – Skateboard wheels on pavement

Mike from Hermantown – Coffee air pot

Kevin from Deer River – Electric coffee grinder

John from Biwabik – Vehicle crossing lift bridge

Steve from Carlton – A chunk of ice being thrown across a frozen lake

Jerry from Grand Rapids – Microphone in the wind

Jeremy from Barnum – Foamer on espresso machine

Amy from Marble – Blowing bubbles through a straw

Leah from Pengilly – Turning back on your outdoor water spicket

Mike from Taconite – Aerosol house cleaning product

Chuck from Goodland – Running water in sink lifting stopper up and down

Jody from Esko – Pot of eggs boiling on the stove

Joe from Nashwauk – Fire extinguisher

Rick from Gilbert – Keg tapper going dry

John from Biwabik – Nebulizer

Mike from Superior – Dinner plate wobbling on a table

James from Deer River – Sticking microphone up to vacuum hose

Steve from Virginia – Leaf blower

Mike from Taconite – Noise from a clothes dryer vent

Jamie from Duluth – Sticking your head out car window

Bonnie from Grand Rapids – Gasping wind outdoors

Kim from Superior – Suitcase on rollers

Brian from Hawthorne – Expanding foam insulation in a can

Janeen from Duluth – Ultrasound

Alexis from Duluth – Taking toilet paper off roll

Jim from Finlayson – Propane ice auger

Melissa from Superior – Sliding a coffee cup across desk

Dave from Tamarack – Making popcorn

Debra from Cohasset – Ultrasound

Dwayne from Jacobson – Clay pigeon thrower

Chany from Deer River – Harley Davidson idling

Tammy from Superior – Pumping gas

Patty from Duluth – Squirting Reddi-wip into mouth

John from Grand Rapids – Putting golf balls in ball washer

Ray from Ironwood – Diesel loco idling

Tonya from Virginia – Self cleaning razor

Melissa from Superior – Paper shredder

Diane from Superior – Cell phone vibrating on hard surface

Melissa from Superior – Package down an assembly line

Jody from Esko – Can of shaving cream

Mike from Bigfork – Jet flying over

Randy from Bigfork – Sucking malted milk through straw

Carol from Cloverdale – Damper on wood stove

Rhonda from Goodland – Small torpedo heater

 Colleen from Canyon – Beans in a coffee grinder

Vicki from Superior – Lit burner on a gas stove

Tyler from Duluth – Bissel spot cleaner

Ken from Brainerd – Blow dryer in a car wash

Gail from Washburn – Wind blowing into a plastic cup

Sarah from Duluth – Bug in a cup

Steve from International Falls – Candle

Melissa from Superior – Shoveling snow on sidewalk

Dan from Proctor – Sharpening ax blade on a stone wheel

Roberta from Munger – Gargling

Chris from Duluth – Hookah

Mike from Superior – Printer shooting out paper

Tim from Eveleth – Blowing out a candle in a jar

John from Two Harbors – Siphoning fish aquarium

Joe from Nashwauk – Spinning lazy Susan

Ken from Merrifield – Vacuum tube at a bank

Derek from Hibbing – Money machine

Mary from Calumet – Dispensing water from water cooler into paper cup

Shawn from Randall – Soda gun in a bar

Nancy from Cloquet – Bunsen burner

Joe from Sandstone – Mic’d up sea shell

Debbie from Cloquet – Blow torch

Rick from Cloquet – Sliding a chair across the floor

Travis from Duluth – Salad spinner

Carol from Cloverdale – Meat slicer

Bill from Superior – Somebody raking

Travis from Duluth – Robotic vacuum cleaner

Keith from Proctor – Coffee maker

Mike from Superior – Copy machine

Rick from Superior – Walking on a treadmill

Brian from Zim – Sump pump

Val from Grand Rapids – Snoring

Woody from Pengilly – Woodpecker pecking on a tree

Ken from Two Harbors – Pilot light

Terry from Duluth – Jason standing under lift bridge listening to cars go over

Kevin from Hibbing – Live well on boat

Jim from Hermantown – Personal watercraft

Pearl from Virginia – Pet pushing a pet food can across the floor

Veronica from Cloquet – Driving thru the tunnels in Duluth

Chris from Ely – Blowing on a cup of coffee

Dwayne from Jacobson – Bilge pump

Jolene from Duluth – Gas powered remote control car

Jackie from McGregor – Hot tub jet

Stephanie from Duluth – Making the froth on a cappuccino machine

Leroy from International Falls – Hot wheel tires spinning

Tina from Grand Rapids – Blowing bubbles with a plastic toy bubble pipe

Shane from Bruce Crossing – Pot lid falling on floor spinning to a stop

Brad from Duluth – Propane burning device

Tammy from Buhl – Hit off a bong

John from Superior – Wind anemometer

Melissa from Superior – Ice coming off the lake creeping up the shore

Darcy from Cohasset – Fax coming through

Tammy from Aurora – Boiling water

Deb from Spring Brook – Floor oscillating fan

Sherry from Balsam – Exhaust fan

Mike from Buhl – Malt machine

Rich from Hibbing – Bike wheel spinning

Jack from Grand Rapids – Electric pencil sharpener

Tony from Pengilly – Golf ball rolling across table

Pat from Duluth – Electric toothbrush

Amy from Long Prairie – Ice making machine making ice

Ron from Springbrook – Cat toy

John from Gilbert – Filling bucket with garden hose

Chuck from Goodland – Garage door opener

Kevin from Pillager – Toilet filling back up after flushing

Mark from Duluth – Cotton candy machine

Deidre from Grand Marais – Releasing pressure out of pressure cooker

Jerry from Nashwauk – Gas furnace exhaust

Nancy from Moose Lake – Water & waves of Lake Superior

Angie from Bovey – Blowing through a straw

Sierra from McGregor – Shower head

Ashley from Poplar – Tea kettle

Sherry from Ironwood – Sea shell up to ear

Jason from Proctor – Stirring a pot

Jamie from Superior – Sliding a man hole cover

Bill from Kitzville – Tuning a radio

Andrew from Proctor – Boiling water

Toni from Superior – Filling up a bird feeder with bird seed

Russ from Cloquet – Wind blowing through door

Susie from Finlayson – Putting fishing line on reel

Tammy from Duluth – Flag blowing in the wind

Brandy from Grand Rapids – Ice cream machine

Rhonda from Goodland – Food saver vacuum sealer

Cliff from Aurora – Light bulb

Aaron from Grand Rapids – Garden hose pressurized

Rick from Gilbert – Putting gas in a vehicle

John from Duluth – Kids bubble pipe

Heidi from Duluth – Pulling a cork out of a bottle

Daryl from Two Harbors – Talking on a cell phone

Bill from Chisholm – Rotisserie

Simeon from Grand Rapids – Bowl wobbling on table

Mike from Taconite – TV white noise

Dan from Proctor – Weather vane

Rick from Gilbert – Pushing skateboard down the sidewalk

Rich from Hibbing – Water softener cycling

John from Cloquet – Boiling maple syrup over a wood fire

Mary from Cloquet – Keurig machine (coffee machine)

Levi from Saginaw – Powerball machine

Rhonda from Ely – Cpap machine

Lynn from Barnum – Electric car window

Randy from Bigfork – Old car dragging muffler

Terry from Aitkin – Refrigerator/Freezer running

Chuck from Goodland – Cat purring

Chuck from Goodland – Cranking an awning

Gabe from Taconite – Trolling motor

Dale from Duluth – Golf ball in a Pringles can rolling on a hard surface

Bill from Chisholm – Turntable

Ray from Virginia – Suction tube at dentist

Laurie from Cook – Spinning top

Chris from Warba – Tires on highway

Jess from Grand Rapids – Geiger counter

Randy from Bigfork – Car tires on rumble strip

Mike from Ashland – Rock polisher tumbler

Brian from Duluth – Water bubbling under a frozen lake

Scott from Duluth – Drone hovering

Melissa from Superior – Automatic paper towel dispenser

Joe from Nashwauk – Winch

Carrie from Duluth – Tornado or hurricane

Carol from Nashwauk – Electric snow blower

Jackie from McGregor – Fire

Steve from Barnum – Electric Darth Vader mask

Dale from Duluth – Sucking whip cream through a straw

Mike from Grand Rapids – Foosball going across table

Joe from Nashwauk – Card shuffler

Tanya from Superior – Swinging on a swing set

Darlene from Two Harbors – Shop vacuuming water

Heidi from Pike Lake – Clearing throat

Lyle from Moose Lake – Snoring in a microphone

Brian from Hawthorne – Automatic air freshener

Bonnie from Hoyt Lakes – Revolving door

Mike from Mt. Iron – Electric fireplace

Debbie from Cloquet – Remote control helicopter

Craig from Superior – Cricket

Leslie from Bigfork – Water fountain for home garden

Gary from Athens, WI – Sliding door

Chris from Duluth – Dragging a piece of furniture across a wood floor

Terry from Aitkin – Buffer

Dana from Cloquet – Letting air out of an air mattress

Gordy from Nett Lake – Coffee being poured into Thermos

Tony from Duluth – House window

Deedree from Grand Marais –  Hand cranked grass and fertilizer spreader

Jeff from Brainerd – Holding a piece of paper over a microphone

Bill from Chisholm – Presto Pizzazz pizza oven

Jake from  McGregor –  Bowling ball

Linda from Hibbing – Blower on inflatable lawn ornament

Rudy from Cherry – Filling a live well

John from Two Harbors – Ice machine

Judy from Superior – Blowing on hands to warm them

Bill from Chisholm – Cooking something in microwave

Darlene from Two Harbors – Bad wheel bearing

Tom from Cotton – Spirit box for ghost hunting

Bernie from Cloquet – Blowing into a breathalyzer

Joe from Nashwauk – Oral water pic

Brandon from Hill City – Ultrasound

Mike from Duluth – Bottle spinning

Bill from Chisholm – Serta adjustable bed

Carrie from Finland – Pouring a beverage into thermos

Luke from Brainerd – Filling a milk jug from a faucet

Andy from Duluth – Old coffee percolator on a campfire

Jan from Nashwauk – Toilet flushing on an airplane

Tim from Grand Rapids – Jet engine taking off

Barb from Deer River – Vacuum cleaner

Ron from Esko – Coffee pot going empty

Sherry from Cook – Cheese whiz on a cracker

Tina from Duquette – Coffee being dispensed into a paper cup

Rich from Grandview – Puffing on a e-cig

Randy from Bigfork – Snow plow plowing street

Kevin from Ironwood – Bee in a jar

Carol from Cloverdale – Acetylene tank

Cathy from Ely – Fan brush for snare drum

Sherry from Cook – Rolling a glass across table

Paula from Ironwood – Zamboni

Jill from Duluth – Wind while talking on cell phone

Jim from Grand Rapids – Emptying a can of Reddi Whip

Lisa from Hibbing – Car wash dryer

Melanie from Two Harbors – Rowing machine

Christopher from Hibbing – Using a fish finder

Carol from Pengilly – Rolling office chair

Cindy from Superior – Empty Pringles can rolling on a sidewalk

Paul from Duluth – Puffing on a e-cig

Gary from Buhl – Spinning prop on boat

Ed from Duluth – Chainsaw idling

Rocco from Superior – Aerial bridge moving

Greg from Wausau – Operating a pressure washer

Wendy from Duluth – Pouring cereal into a bowl

Ken from Cloquet – Automobile cooling fan

Barb from Duluth – Lighting charcoal grill

Paul from Duluth – Vaporizer

Sue from Big Fork – Opening a shower door

Don from Nashwauk – Pushing a dog dish across the floor

Casey from Grand Rapids – ATM dispensing money