Red Rock Radio is the Northland's premier family of radio stations. Located in the historic Canal Park of Duluth's downtown, Red Rock Radio Corporation is proud to promote the best in the most popular music genres and feed it over the airwaves to the surrounding areas.

Contact: KQDS
501 Lake Avenue South - Suite 200
Duluth, MN 55802
Office: 218-728-9500
Studio: 724-7625 / 877-724-9595


Secret Sound Guesses

Jeff from Tower – Hitting sheet metal with a hammer

Kevin from Ironwood – Sealer on top of coffee can

Penny from Poplar – Helium balloon tanks

Adam from Duluth – Bail on a fishing reel

Kevin from Ironwood – Tire changer

Larry from Saginaw – Opening a can of Pringles

Craig from Duluth – Twisting and ripping an aluminum can

Matt from Duluth – Raising a flag on a flagpole

Vince from Knife River – Opening a can of sardines

Randy from Grand Rapids – Plunger on a gas lantern

Scott from Duluth – Tying up a tongue jack on trailer

Bruce from South Range – Tube at a bank drive through

Tim from Hermantown – Rope on a pipe

Holly from Grand Rapids – Pitching machine

Eric from Cloquet – Aluminum snow shovel scraping the ground

Mary from Ironwood – Elevator reaching floor

Jim from Babbitt – Air compressor hose

Sheryl from Proctor – Wood planer

Jaime from Duluth – Skateboarder riding rail

Craig from Duluth – Cement trowel

Scott from Duluth – Extending the hand on a landing net

Scott from Superior – Hockey puck sliding across the ice and hitting the post

Kevin from Ironwood – Expired parking meter

Luke from Cook – Opening a car ashtray

Andy from Grand Rapids – Sliding open a shower curtain

Mike from Duluth – Sharpening a knife

Nancy from Cromwell – Automated ticket dispenser

Mark from Sturgeon Lake – Blowing up tire tube

Mike from Cloquet – Filling a beer keg

Tim from Hermantown – Change counting machine

Lee from Superior – Pneumatic hammer

Callie from Grand Rapids – Playground zip line

Heather from Duluth – The end of a flushing toilet

Ed from Duluth – Float being dropped in toilet

Cory from Silver Bay – Lever on a vending machine

Peggy from Duluth – Pinball plunger

Scott from Duluth – Connecting vacuum cleaner hose

Al from Duluth – Door unlocking on washer

Mike from Cloquet – Flapper

Doreen from Duluth – Bowling ball return

Glen in Iron River – Rope pull returning on an engine

Mark from Iron – Driveway gate locking

Kathy from Superior – Rock going down a gutter

Kathy from Superior – Folding a lawn chair

CJ from Eveleth – Automatic pitching machine

Tracy from Duluth – Dog on a leash after you yell squirrel

Kirk from Grand Rapids – Scraping a grill

Jerry from Grand Rapids – Opening a sealed jar

Doreen from Cloquet – Clay pigeon slinger

Vicki from Superior – Unsheathing a sword

John from Sandstone – Steam radiator heater

Perry from Hermantown – Hockey puck sliding into post

Kristina from Lawler – Removing an empty container from caulk gun

Ed from Duluth – Pneumatic office chair

Ken from Aurora – High lift jack

Chris from Ironwood – Returning a shopping cart

Mark from Chisholm – Flipping open a Zippo lighter

Tammy from Duluth – Retractable tape measure

Lori from Cloquet – Rock going down a metal tube

Tim from Hermantown – Flushing a metal urinal at stadium

Kathy from Superior – Change coming back in a vending machine

Chris from Ironwood – Launching a boat

Ed from Duluth – Pile driver

Jeff from Oakland – Filling a pot hole & smoothing it out

Paul from Mt. Iron – Automatic baseball thrower

Jenny from Silver Bay – Pull chain on ceiling fan

Chris from Duluth – Walking through a turnstile

Andy from Cloquet – Closing window blinds

Chris from Hibbing – Car lift

Johnny from Nashwauk – Extending an aluminum ladder

Debbie from Duluth – Crowd control barrier

Mike from Eveleth – Tether ball hitting the pole

Tim from Cloquet – Telescoping pole

Chris from Hibbing – Stapler

Dave from Eveleth – A cover on a BBQ

Tom from Hayward – Snowboarder riding the rail

Vicky from Marble – Trowel knife

Mike from Duluth – Quick flush porta potty

Debbie from Amery – Pogo stick

Tanya from Virginia – Retractable awning

Mary from Marble – Meat grinder

Al from Bennet – Cord reel on vac

Kathy from Ontonagon – Grandfather clock chain coming down

Kari from Duluth – Pulling poster out of a tube

Mike from Cloquet – Filling up a growler

Todd in Grand Rapids – Pitching machine

Mike from Two Harbors – Opening a window blind

Jim from Proctor – Biscuit being pushed down shuffle board

Mike from Cloquet – Shovling a walk

Chris from Ironwood – Flag on a flag pole

Ray from Ironwood – Tube at bank drive thru

Ray from Hibbing – Retractable indoor clothesline

Sondra from Canyon – Operating a window

Kathy from Virginia – Ventilator

Mike from Hermantown – Opening a cold bottle of beer

Mark from Duluth – Air powered bingo machine

Tim from Cohasset – Something being stuck in a fan blade

Randy from Superior – Metal fence post driver

Dave from Hermantown – Oil dipstick

Patty from Fifty Lakes – Bank tube

Clint from Duluth – Raising the blade on a paper cutter

Daryl from Ironwood – Snack coming out of a vending machine

Matt from Duluth – Boat lift

Tim from Cloquet – Pressure cooker

Kathrine from Superior – Pipe being hit

Debbie from Chisholm – Uncorking a bottle of wine

Josie from Duluth – Turning the sprayer off in the kitchen

Ed from Duluth – Toast in a toaster

Jeff from Outing – Sliding a puck in an old bowling machine

Larry from Virginia – Opening a can of tennis balls

Steve from International Falls – Bank tube at drive thru

Amanda from Grand Rapids – Dropping a can of spray paint on the floor

Tom from Esko – Dent puller

Cathy from Ontonagon – Uke stick

Mark from Sturgeon Lake – Filling up portable air tank

Daryl from Remer – Filling a washing machine

Claire from Nashwauk – Adding weight to a weight bar

Daryl from Ontonagon – Postage machine

Casey from Two Harbors – Valve on a propane tank

Tim from Cohasset – Pulling a fishing pole out of a tube

Bill from Duluth – Can opener into a coffee can

Lisa from Essie – Washing a pan

Ron from Saxon – Hand pumping a well

Tim from Duluth – Slide rail at playground

Scott from Duluth – Cleaning a drinking glass with bar maid

Jeremy from Grand Rapids – Old rotary telephone

Jack from Canyon – Driving a pipe into the ground with pipe driver

Jim from Duluth – Radiator

Kelly from Duluth – Piece of ice sliding down the spout

Randy from Bennett – Pressure cooker

Damon from Remer – Water going down a drain

Kathy from Duluth – Table saw

Kathy from Superior – Canned air

Tim from Hermantown – Collapsible boat oar

Doreen from Cloquet – Water balloon slipping off a faucet

Jason from Duluth – Pulling arm on slot machine

Dan from Proctor – Pizza oven shutting off

Sherry from Cook – Opening a cash register

Pam from Duluth – Air hockey table

Jim from Babbitt – Filling a propane tank

Chris from Virginia – Can crusher

Kathy from Superior – Nautilus weights

Bob from Aurora – Umbrella

Becky from Duluth – A cigarette rolling machine

Alan from Chisholm – Espresso machine

Jim from Cloquet – Extendable landing net

Pam from Duluth – Putting up a portable ice house

Dusty from Duluth – Miter saw

Eric from Duluth – Pneumatic piston

Sue from Duluth – Pulling a tube through a Dyson vacuum

Mark from Chisholm – Opening a mailbox

Bobby from International Falls – Cutting a piece of metal with torch

Bill from Superior – Parking meter

Tony from Duluth – Fishing reel bail

Ben from Moose Lake – Launching a pin ball

Mary from Duluth – Raising or lowering a trolling motor

Pat from Ely – Recoil on a motor

Bonnie from Superior – Hydraulic jack

Ed from Superior – Checking tire pressure

Rocky from Bovey – Sharpening an ice auger

Mike from Grand Rapids – Restroom paper towel dispenser

Rick from Hermantown – Pipe on a dock

Chris from Duluth – Operating a gum ball machine

Rick from Lake Vermilion – Bowling ally pin setter

Brian from Hibbing – Tire pump

Mary from Marble – Cymbals

Rita from Ashland – Pitching horseshoes

Bonnie from Grand Rapids – Pulling tape off metal

Eric from Duluth – Opening the seal on a coffee can

Paul from Duluth – Rigging a sail

Rob from Grand Marais – Pipe in a sleeve

Jessica from Grand Rapids – Gas pump numbers spinning back

Sherry from Cook – Teeing off at driving range

Rich from Duluth – Cleaning a chimney

Bill from Duluth – Opening a can a beer

Paul from Grand Rapids – Portable air bomb compressor

Lisa from Bad River – Fire extinguisher

Mary from Duluth – Gate latch

Nikki from Grand Rapids – Hitting a baseball off a pop up tee

Kelly from Duluth – Putting golf ball into a can

Bonnie from Grand Rapids – Swing on a swing-set

Roberta from Munger – Ripping off a produce bag

Kathy from Superior – Metal minnow bucket

Tina from Duquette – Sharpening a lawn mower blade

Wally from Spooner – Shoveling snow for the last time

Mary from Ironwood – Operating the goalie on Foosball table and scoring a goal

Scott from Duluth – Adjusting air pressure setting on a Sleep Number bed

Pat from Ely – Shooting carnival game air gun

Mark from Duluth – Sharpening a fillet knife

Katie from Duluth – Extendable table leg

Mark from Duluth – Extending a golf ball retriever

Mary from Ironwood – Newspaper vending machine

Adrian from Nashwauk – Testing your strength at a carnival

Rico from Hurley – Taking a hose of compressed air and shooting into tank

Terry from Superior – Pulling spout out of oil can

Bob from Warba – Resetting outside rear view mirror

Adrian from Nashwauk – Turnstile

Pam from Duluth – Pulling a dinner plate off the top of another plate

Sue from Duluth – Dispensing coffee from air pot

Tony from Duluth – Packing tape dispenser

Cathy from Ontonagon – Needle skimming across at end of record

Cathy from Duluth – Animal carrier latch

Terry from Trout Lake – Squirt gun shooting at empty pop can

Shawna from Duluth – Putting money into a toy gumball machine

Mike from Grand Rapids – Metal drawer

Mike from Hibbing – Recoil on lawnmower

Stacy from Duluth – Igniting a Mr. Heater

Tom from Hayward – Setting the tire bead on a wheel rim

Sarah from Duluth – Cutting torch shutting off

Gene from Hoyt Lakes – Raising or lowering a metal ironing board

Doug from Grand Rapids – Manning on indoor putting green having the ball shot back to him

David from Duluth – Priovac machine

Ashley from Poplar – Gas nozzle on a pump

Eva from Jacobson – Wire brush cleaning a grill

Lorena from Iron River – Milking machine

Mary from Wakefield – Ripping off a piece of tin foil

Missy from Grand Rapids – Clay pigeon launcher

Kathy from Ontonagon - Chimes

Joan from Mt. Iron – Sliding latch on a fence

Rory from Duluth – Lid on a outdoor fryer

Paul from Duluth – Slide hammer

Stephanie from Grand Rapids – Sliding a patio screen door

Pam from Ely – Tonneau cover on back of pickup

Kathy from Ontonagon – Meat slicer

Dave from Duluth – Venetian blinds

Jim from Duluth – Cutting glass or tile

Mary from Ironwood – Entering a car wash

Kara from Aitkin – Swards clashing together

Vicky from Bovey – Running water into a tea kettle

Jan from Duluth – Running a finger on a fan blade

Daryl from Ontonagon – Meat slicer

Glen from Calumet – Removing cash from ATM

Michelle from Cass Lake – Suction cup in shower

Joyce from Duluth – Sail on a sailboat

Mike from Cloquet – Spraying water into aquarium

Lisa from Duluth – Opening a can of Pillsbury croissants

Mary from Duluth – Hitting brakes on a bike

Louise from Deer River – Peel off a metal lid on a canned good

Cami from Carlton – Hand percussion

Mary from Buyck – Pouring charcoal into a grill

Lou from Duluth – Something hitting a buoy

Kirk from Grand Rapids – Dock pole sliding down and hitting rock

Ashley from Moose Lake – Tape measure retracting

Kathy from Ontonagon – Fast forwarding a cassette tape

Russ from McGregor – Retractable restaurant thingy

Dawn from Mt. Iron – Pinewood derby car

Jenny from Carlton – Token machine at an arcade

Heather from Duluth – Putting air in a tire

John from Aurora – Golf ball thru gutter (ala Happy Gilmore)

Mary from Ironwood – Taking a picture with a Polaroid

Sue from Ely – Top (toy)

Pearl from Virginia – Plugging guitar into a amp

Dan from Duluth – Football hitting a goal post

Kim from Aurora – Opening a thermos with a hot beverage in it

Michael from Duluth – Skype instant messaging

Alexis from Duluth – Lower a flag on a flag pole

Bill from Chisholm – Kitchen timer

Bruce from Scanlon – Stud welder

Jason from Proctor – Golf ball washer

Christine from Duluth – Old typewriter cartridge

Jim from Federal Dam – Typing on a typewriter

Dan from Proctor – Pulling a pitchfork out of a bail of hay

Rachael from Grand Rapids – Blowing a dart out of blowgun

Don from Duluth – Hydraulic door closing and latching

Jim from Babbitt – Siphoning a gas can

Joe from Hibbing – Spraying water in a hubcap

Mike from Perham – String breaking on a guitar

Annette from Superior – Pulling a metal pipe out of ground

Shelly from Grand Rapids – Shutting a file cabinet

Chuck from Duluth – Snapping a bobber on a fishing line

Betsy from Cook – Loading tray on copier or fax

Allan from Superior – Sail on a sailboat

John from Chaffee – Sharpening a saw

Michelle from Superior – Knife cutting through Watermelon

Crystal from Duluth – Paper cutter

Lyle from Duluth – Opening up a stapler and putting staples in

Bill from Chisholm – Dropping a coin into a Tootsie Roll bank

Laurie from Duluth – Using a roof rake

Steve from Ashland – Cup holder coming out of dashboard

Linda from Duluth – Sword in a sheath

Tony from Ashland – Shop vac sucking up a coin

Tom from Esko – Power down rigger

Jeff from Babbitt – Phonograph changing records

Doreen from Cloquet – Pulling a strainer out of the sink

Angela from Duluth – Folding table leg locking into place

Beth from Albourne – Attached gas cap bumping against car

Annette from Superior – Suction cup spring toy thingy

Nancy from Cloquet – Unlocking a door with a key

Susan from Duluth – Coleman camp stove

Mike from Pike Lake – Sliding a deadbolt lock

Bob from International Falls – Shooting a firework through a tube

Sherry from Cook – Tuning a guitar

Bonnie from Grand Rapids – Filling a bird feeder

Chrissy from Hibbing – Retractable awning

Scott from Duluth – Extending the handle on rolling luggage