Red Rock Radio is the Northland's premier family of radio stations. Located in the historic Canal Park of Duluth's downtown, Red Rock Radio Corporation is proud to promote the best in the most popular music genres and feed it over the airwaves to the surrounding areas.

Contact: KQDS
501 Lake Avenue South - Suite 200
Duluth, MN 55802
Office: 218-728-9500
Studio: 724-7625 / 877-724-9595


Secret Sound Guesses

Ryan from Mt. Iron – Shuffling papers

Raymond from Duluth – Raking leaves

Pearl from Virginia – Pet getting into garbage

Shawn from Eveleth – Starting a fire

Veronica from Cloquet – Herd of horses

John from Grand Rapids – Shuffling a deck of cards

Doreen from Cloquet – Hamster on a exercise wheel

Tammy from Duluth – Scraping snow off sidewalk

Adrian from Hibbing – Cash dispenser at casino

Rick from Gilbert – Starting a boat motor

Will from Grand Rapids – Unwrapping a candy bar/chips

John from Grand Rapids – Looking through a phone book

Nate from Superior – Unwrapping fast food

Jason from Duluth – Running finger on needle of record player

Jason from Grand Rapids – Pepper grinder

Kelsey from Hibbing – Scratch off lottery ticket

Justin from Saginaw – Wet dog shaking

Renee from Duluth – Popping popcorn

John from Superior – Lint roller

Marvin from Superior – Dog eating

Roberta from Munger – Lawn fertilizer

Scott from Duluth – Closing a garage door

Barb from Deer River – Jason biting celery

Tom in Wrenshall – Dumping charcoal into a grill

Nancy from Cloquet – Water on a shower curtain

John from Superior – Someone barbecuing

Joe from Superior – Dumping charcoal into a grill

Christopher from Hibbing – Pouring charcoal into a grill

Joe from Duluth – Water pipe clearing and bubbles

Tom from Cloquet – Sucking through a straw at the end of a drink

Aleah from Nashwauk – Paper stuck in typewriter

Patrick from Duluth – Shuffling a deck of cards

John from Sandstone – Ripping tape

Tim from Duluth – Tearing tape off of packing box

Jody from Duluth – Shuffling paper

Dale from Duluth – Retracting a metal tape measure

Ed from Duluth – Unwrapping plastic off a cigar

Kenny from Superior- Stirring ice with a straw

Kayla from Duluth – Rolling garbage can to the curb

Mike from Cloquet – Coffee maker

Mike from South Range – Rock polisher

Barb from Deer River – Jason’s dog licking his choppers

Dan from Jacobson – Rolling up a window blind

Dan from Proctor – Jason feeding dog

Sherry from Hawthorne – Needle on record player

Richard from Spooner – Lawn seed feeder

Richard from Spooner – Old time lawnmower

Patrick from Duluth – Popping Jiffy Pop

Brad from South Range – Crushing aluminum can

Kim from Superior – Shovel gravel

Todd from Duluth – Blowing up a balloon and releasing it

Chris from Nashwauk – Pile of firewood falling

John from Sandstone – Starting a motorcycle

Craid from Duluth – Shaking dice out of a cup

Nancy from Cloquet – Plastic being taken off windows

Maria from Odanah – Ice auger

Sherry from Cloquet – Opening a jar

Keith from Superior – Plunger on a table

Corey from Radisson –  Dumping charcoal into a grill

Ann from Ironwood – Ice machine dropping ice

Cindy from Duluth – Rolling a backpack on wheels

Paul from Munger – Snow sliding off a roof

Dan from Ely – Shaking out a plastic trash bag

Casey from Two Harbors – Dumping snacks into a bowl

Kathy from Kenosha Township – Opening a Ziplock bag

Bradley from Iron River – Rewinding or fast forwarding a cassette tape while playing

Karen from Clover Valley – Dragging a mic across carpet

Cliff from Hibbing – Shaking a sugar packet

Sherry from Cloquet – Removing plastic from a cap

Jon from Grand Rapids – Dumping rocks into a rock garden

Jim from Babbitt – Whittling on a stick

Tom from Cloquet – Pop coming out of bar gun

Sharon from Superior – Empty ice cube tray

Jamie from Nashwauk – Unwrapping a new fishing lure

Mary from Cloquet – Golf ball washer

Mike from South Range – Tearing duct tape off roll

Mary from Ironwood – Opening a perforated box

Angela from South Range – Pot of boiling water

Pearl from Virginia – Smoothie shaker

Angie from Hibbing – Pouring soda over ice into a cup

Jake from Nashwauk – Shaking a bag of popped popcorn

Scott from Taconite – Filling up a minnow bag and tying it shut

Rick from Gilbert – Turning the page of a newspaper

Scott from Duluth – Flushing a toilet

Jonelle from Duluth – Closing a bag inside cereal box

Josh from Bovey – Phone recording in my pocket

Dan from Proctor – Pouring a bowl of mini wheat for breakfast

Christopher from Hibbing – Ice in blender

Christopher from Hibbing – Pouring firewood into wood stove

Angela from Biwabik – Dumping a bag of potatoes