Red Rock Radio is the Northland's premier family of radio stations. Located in the historic Canal Park of Duluth's downtown, Red Rock Radio Corporation is proud to promote the best in the most popular music genres and feed it over the airwaves to the surrounding areas.

Contact: KQDS
501 Lake Avenue South - Suite 200
Duluth, MN 55802
Office: 218-728-9500
Studio: 724-7625 / 877-724-9595


Secret Sound Guesses

 Beth from Superior – Bubbler on an aquarium

Brian from Proctor – Guitar plugged into amp

Dave from Esko – Person on a cell phone standing next to a speaker

Adrian from Hibbing – Hand held motorized fan with foam blades

Maggie from Solon Springs – Ships horn

Rick from Poplar – CD skipping

Cliff from Hibbing – Electric hair clippers on table

Dean from Grand Rapids – Fish tank air pump

Robert from Meadowlands – Can air horn

Gary from Athens – Car going over rumble strips

Curt from Duluth – Palm sander

April from Hermantown – End of auxiliary cord touching a speaker

Joe from Duluth – Foghorn

Sarah from Duluth – Tuning fork

Paul from Hibbing – Blowing over a bottle

Shawn from Duluth – Scoreboard horn

Lou from Superior – Electric toothbrush

Aaron from Duluth – Vibrating cell phone

Joe from Finland-Food saver vacuum sealer

Colin from Duluth-Vibrating football game

Mary from Duluth – Engraving tool

Jason from Duluth – Electric fillet knife

Dave from Duluth – “E” note o an organ

Mary from Duluth – Whoppie cushion

Aleah from Nashwauk – Hand held electric massager

Dina from Cloquet – Leaf Blower

Jeremy from Duluth – Traffic on lift bridge

Vicki from Superior – Bulk tape eraser

Chad from Superior – An airplane

Tina from Duquette – Electric razor

Kelly from Duluth – Strumming a string on a bass guitar

Karen from Wrenshall – Air compressor

Todd from Hibbing – Power inverter

Jolene from Virginia – Fog horn

Deb from Cloquet – Air compressor being refilled

Scott from Superior – Floor sander

Curt from Esko – Pulling cord out of guitar

Steve from Duluth – Air coming out of a balloon

Rob from Cohasset – Airless paint sprayer

Chris from Duluth – A bee

Steve from Duluth – Paper shredder

Chris from Virginia – Fluorescent light turning on

Brad from Ely – Tuba

Mary from Duluth – Electric cork screw opener

Rob from Cohasset – Mattress air pump

Ivy from Superior – Windshield washer pump

Hannah from Duluth – Outdoor air conditioner

Matt from Munger – Turning on an old tube style TV

Mike from Hermantown – Microwave

Shannon from Cloquet – Didgeridoo

Kathy from Ontonagon – Door buzzer

Aaron from Cloquet – Outboard motor

Amy from Two Harbors – Keurig coffee maker

Ed from Duluth – Wind blowing through a screen

Jeremy from Duluth – Wood chipper

Brad from Grand Rapids – Boat motor

Greg from Gilbert – Portable aerated livewell

Mark from Babbitt – Chair sliding across the floor

Trevor from Saginaw – Air hockey table

Steve from Duluth – Refrigerator regenerating

Barb from Deer River – Foot spa

Tony from Duluth – Car radio power line interference

Tammy from Chisholm – Vendor machine

Jeff from Grand Rapids – Electric fish finder

Matt from Superior – Pulling a bow across a stringed instrument

Kurt from Tower – Neon sign buzzing

Tony from Duluth – Electric knife sharpener

Bob from Big Fork – Guitar being plugged into amp

Ken from Cloquet - Boat motor in a barrel

Roy from Carlton – Horn on a ship

Rachelle from Cohasset – Pager on vibrate

Brad from Ely – Tesla coil

Wendy from Duluth – Rebooting a computer

Josh from Cook – Rumble strips on a road

Trevor from Saginaw – Cell phone vibrating

Buddy from Esko – Turntable that has not been grounded

Gary from Duluth – Turning on a microphone

Roger from Hurley – Welding machine

Bobbi from Duluth – Air compressor

Jason from Cloquet – Jewelry cleaner

Mary from Duluth – Car battery charger

Kyle from Munger – Lawn mower

Jim From Barnes – Paper jogger

Tammy from Solon Springs – Vuvuzela

Barb from Hibbing – Out of paper trying to print

Kenny from Superior – Electric paper shredder

Steve from Hill City – Windshield wipers

Roberta from Munger – Pressure washer

Kari from Carlton – Humming bird

Tony from Hibbing – Race car engine

Steve from Lutsen – Air compressor

Beau from Emily – Florescent light

Josh from Cloquet – Blood pressure machine

Steve from Duluth – Kazoo

Dave from Moose Lake – Vibrating football game

Jim from Esko – X-ray machine

Steve from Mt Iron – Remote control helicopter

Cindy from Deer River – Turning on a fluorescent light

Jesse from Duluth – Spring door stopper

Renee from Sandstone – Hot tub motor

Lloyd from Duluth – Electric bench grinder

Maureen from Duluth – Spring door stopper

Pam from Duluth – Dryer buzzer

Mike from Eveleth – Sander

Sarah from Superior – Computer scanner

Cindy from Deer River – Fabric shaver

Keith from Brainerd – Blown speaker

Morris from International Falls – Electric bug zapper

Amy from Cloquet – Semi truck jake braking

Sherry from Cloquet – Hair clippers

Kari from Grand Rapids – Electric filet knife

Brad from Breezy Point – Industrial floor waxer

Lonnie from Nashwauk – Mating sounds of a Koala

Deb from Cloquet – Zamboni

Janice from Hermantown – Vibrating water pipes

Linda from Hibbing – Arcade game

Rhonda from Duluth – Chelo

Bruce from Grand Rapids – Wood planer

Jennifer from Duluth – Lift bridge horn

Rick from Superior – Demagnetizer

Ben from Eveleth – Outdoor hot water circulator pump

Lisa from Duluth – Lightsaber

Kirk from Duluth – High efficiency furnace

Jeremy from Aurora – Plugging in an amp

John from Superior – Minnow bucket aerator

Jessica from Two Harbors – Tattoo gun

Rhiannon from Iron River – Snapping a rubber band

Tim from Duluth – Air hockey table

Mark from Chisholm – Straw being pushed through cup

Natalie from Silver Bay – Bathroom fan

Shawna from Duluth – Ice machine

Scott from Duluth – Vibrating recliner

Tammy from Chisholm – Cat scan

Eva from Jacobson – Dead air

Kathy from Soudan – Bag pipes

Rick from Gilbert – Garbage disposal

Mark from Deer River – Trimming a motor

Dan from Esko – Speaker test tone

Jason from Duluth – Operation board game

Janine from Foxboro – Vacumn cleaner

Tyler from Duluth – Playing a Bassoon

Tim from Duluth – Power seats in a car

Keith from Brainerd – Tri pod from War of the Worlds

  Aleaha from Nashwauk – Electric garage door opener

Sarah from Superior – Game clock buzzer/horn

Lou from Superior- Motor pushing a boat

Kathy from Ontonogon – Vacuum

Lowell from Rush City – Wood router

Brenda from Superior – Rumble strips

Chris from Cloquet – Space heater

Chris from Hibbing – “B” note on electric guitar

Larry from Saginaw – Fog horn

Mike from South Range – Sump pump

Rhonda from Duluth – Diesel semi truck

Alex from Chisholm – Battery operated stirrer

Rhonda from Duluth – Speakers being plugged into computer

Pam from Duluth – Dehumidifier

Ivy from Superior – Satellite dish repositioning

Cory from Silver Bay – Airboard sander

Jaime from Nashwauk – Fan

Matt from Superior – Sleep number bed

Kirk from Duluth – Hot water heater with power vent

Sarah from Superior – White noise machine

Paulette from Duluth – Front load washer between cycles

John from Superior – Plugging guitar into amp

Doreen from Cloquet – Electric fence

Sue from Esko – Trash compactor

Rita from Ashland – Jacobs ladder

Jason from Proctor – Simon say no (Game)

Dave from Duluth – Fog horn

Bob from Meadowlands – Electric nose hair trimmer

Mary from Proctor – Bust on an electric dart board

Julie from Maple – Dial tone on phone

Nancy from Cloquet – Fly

Sue from Ely – Surround sound efx before movies

Kurt from Grand Rapids – Garbage disposal

Ron from South Range – Electric pull tab machine

Kelly from Eveleth – Lumbar adjusted car seat

Jamie – Nashwauk – Pair of shavers

Autumn from Duluth – Electric can opener

Lynn from Duluth – Dishwasher

Loretta from Duluth – Nebulizer

Mike from Cloquet – Dragster at full throttle

Angie from Hibbing – Stud finder

Shreen from South Range – Stripping out a  screw

Jerry from Chisholm – Jason’s alarm clock

Nick from Duluth – Hair/beard trimmer

Sandra from Superior – Battery operated smoke detector

Maria from Bad River – Electric dental tool

Maria from Bad River – Electric anchor

Nate from Grand Rapids – Electric keyboard

Noreen from Grand Rapids – Crank hand buzzer

Paulette from Duluth – Key cutting machine

Devin from Duluth – Power pole humming

Lori from Duluth – Helicopter Propeller

Greg from Hibbing – Hum in the secret sound intro

Tracy from Squaw Lake – Bass string

Paulette from Duluth – Blender

Leslie from Tamarack – Hockey goal buzzer

Dallas from Grand Rapids – Massage chair

Susan from Grand Rapids – Engine horn

Pam from Duluth – Bread making machine

Terry from Hermantown – Blender

Kathy from Superior – Power transformer

Andy from Duluth – Kids drum set

Gary from Athens – Water pick

Kari from Hibbing – Band saw

Mike from Duluth – Airboat

John from Chaffee – Strong wind through antenna

Dennis from Superior – Tesla coil

Jim from Duluth – Vent hood above stove

Bob from Duluth – Fuel injection on Harley

Jason from Cloquet – Laminating machine

Corey from Cook – Paper towel dispenser

Dean from Red Cliff – Dyno tester

Angel from Grand Rapids – Adult vibrating toy

Patrick from Duluth – Power generator

Leonard from Tower – Light saber

Robert from Duluth – Espresso machine

Dave from Duluth – Hypnotoad

Russell from Hermantown – Vacuum cleaner

Rhonda from Ely – Coffee grinder

Jim from Superior – Vibrating football game

Kenny from Superior – Snowblower

Jeff from Duluth – Amplifier

Brad from South Range – Electric fuel injection on motor

Chuck from Goodland – Sump pump

Mary from Duluth – Electric pencil sharpener

Robert from Superior – Blended drink machine

Joe from Ironwood – Dremel

Brett from Lutsen – Electric boat winch

Tina from Duluth – Train whistle

Kari from Chisholm – Blowing grass

Aleah – Crossing foul line in bowling

Mary from Marble – Zipper

Ely from Virginia – Old TV switching between UHF and VHF

Cindy from Deer River – Dead air on a recording device

Donna from Zim – Cassette tape ending

Karen from Duluth – Building buzzer

Mike from Cloquet – Microwave

Rick from Gilbert – Electric snow thrower

Michelle from Hibbing – Airplane propeller

Jason from Duluth – Blowing into a box fan

Ivy from Superior – Blow dryer

Sherry from Cook – Bathroom hand dryer

Sharon from South Range – Adjusting side mirrors on a car

Sherry from Duluth – Pop machine dispensing a pop

Cliff from Aurora – Sunroof/Moonroof

Mike from Aurora- Radio station tuning in

Tina from Eveleth – Hum from an electric box

Jon from Mahtowa – Motorcycle

AJ from Duluth – Wood plainer

Dan from Proctor – Wood plainer

Collin from Superior – Bagpiper

Lowell from Rush City – Jason humming

Dan from Fort Ripley – MRI Machine

Don from Brainerd – Electric football game

Mary from Ironwood – Digital blood pressure machine

Robert from Superior – French horn

Tammy from Virginia – Synthesizer

Jessica from Two Harbors – Running a finger down a microphone

Kenny from Superior – Duck call

Paul from Duluth – Fart

Christine from Iron River – Glass cutter

Jerry from South Range – Battery charger

Holly from Cloquet – Power juicer

Arron from Superior – Electric lint remover

Alexis from Duluth – Boat horn

Barb from Deer River – Weed whacker

Jenny from Pequon – Theremin

Jim from Silver Bay – Portable propane heater

Kristine from Gilbert – Short wave radio broadcast (AKA) buzzer

Jeff from Proctor – Power saw jamming

Kirk from Grand Rapids – Card inserted into fan

Christine from Gilbert – Toilet fill valve

Bob from Ironwood – Rumble strips

Steve from Lutsen – Pressure washer

Cliff from Aurora – Mouth harp

Kimberly from Germantown – Jammed sowing machine

Rob from Cotton – Rumble Strips

Linda from Hibbing – Pizzaz

Barry from Duluth – Wagner spray painter

Mark from Ely – Subwoofer

Brad from South Range – Air pump for outside ornaments

Bill from Askov – AM radio tuning

Kenny from Brainerd – Fuel injection pump

Paul from Duluth – Old steam heat

Ryan from Hoyt Lakes – Sharpening a pair of skates

Mary from Cloquet – Slide out on a camper

Corey from Kenwood – Electric door closer

Todd from Hibbing – Breast pump

Carrie from Superior – Buffing wheel

Chris from Proctor – Vacuum food sealer

Tracy from Babbitt – Polishing brass shell machine

Jim from Superior – Turning on a home tanning bed

Darryl from Ironwood – Sabbath Iron Man

Connie from Superior – Air Hockey table

Bonnie from Grand Rapids – Electric meat slicer

Karen from Wrenshall – Table saw

Paulette from Duluth – Band saw

Kari from Hibbing – Drill press

Vai from Grand Rapids – Steam mop

Amy from Two Harbors – Skate sharpener

Wayne from Remer – Sharpening blade on a bench grinder

Sarah from Duluth – Hole puncher

Michelle from Virginia – Safe door shutting

Pam from Hinkley – Well pump

Paul from Hermantown – Chairlift

Janine from Foxboro – Breaking a carnival ride

Tiffany from Duluth – Dumb waiter

CJ from Hill City – Semi truck braking

John from Hibbing – Opening a dishwasher door

Martina from Bayview Heights – Swimsuit spin dryer at gym

Sue from Ely – Mimeograph machine

Kathy from Duluth – Garbage truck

Kenny from Superior – Elevator

Tony from Duluth – Dumpster

Kenny from Superior – Train

Kathy from Duluth – Tow truck

Lynn from Duluth – Dump truck

Shauna from Munger – Putting gas in your tank

Rob from Cloquet – Vending machine

Dan from Superior – Postal drop box door

Doug from Gilbert – Power miter saw

Tony from Duluth – Locker door

Kari from Chisholm – Gas pumping

Ken from Albany – Food saver

Matt from Port Wing – Wood lathe

Courtney from Hermantown – Crane on a backhoe

Leslie from Bigfork – Lift bridge

Wendy from Duluth – Jason’s trap door

Bucky from International Falls – Electric side door on van

Brett from Superior – Wood stove door closing (WINNER)