Red Rock Radio is the Northland's premier family of radio stations. Located in the historic Canal Park of Duluth's downtown, Red Rock Radio Corporation is proud to promote the best in the most popular music genres and feed it over the airwaves to the surrounding areas.

Contact: KQDS
501 Lake Avenue South - Suite 200
Duluth, MN 55802
Office: 218-728-9500
Studio: 724-7625 / 877-724-9595


Secret Sound Guesses

(to search page for a guess, hold down control and type “f”)

Tom from Duluth – Pop machine

Paul from Munger – Opening a sardine can

Jamie from Duluth – Ping pong ball hitting beer pong cup

Randy From Floodwood – Opening a beer

Mike from Taconite – Opening a can with a Leatherman can opener

Corey from Silver Bay – Breaking seal on a canning jar

Toby from Taconite- Mouse trap

Kevin from Duluth – Tackle being thrown into tackle box

Darlene from Two Harbors – Hitting golf ball while teeing off

Mark from Duluth – Jack in the box

Chuck from Goodland – Air nailer

Rick from Gilbert – Dropping an open beer can on hard surface

Lane from Hibbing – Something stuck in a blender

Phil from Chisholm – Stapler

Rachael from Cloquet – BB Gun

Micheal from Duluth – Opening a High Life

Mark from Duluth – Shooting a hockey puck

Randy from International Falls – Pulling of adhesive

Kathy from Ely  - Misfire

Rachael from Cloquet – Paintball gun

Louis from Hibbing – Striking a wooden match on the box

Greg from Hibbing – Cracking a Pistachio nut

Amy from Hurley – Opening a Pringles can

Chuck from Goodland – Power trim on a motor

Tim from Duluth – Cracking an egg

Mike from Hibbing – Tip up

Zach from Virginia – Pinball machine

Suzy from Grand Rapids – Setting the reel on a fishing rod

Mike from Duluth – 3 ring binder

Nora from Nashwauk – Closing a tape measure

Paul from Munger – Bug zapper

Rick from Grand Rapids – Extended lighter

Skip from Ely – Hole puncher

Gordy from Duluth – Popping a ring on a soup can

Larry from Saginaw – Opening a tin can with a hand crank can opener

Sherry from Balsam – Biting into a Cheeto

Tony from Duluth – Lubricating oil can

Mike from Big Fork – Breaking open a shot gun

Rachael from Cloquet – Deer antlers rubbing together

Mike from Taconite – Clipping a dogs toe nails

Dave from Hibbing – Opening a radiator cap

Scott from Duluth – Water dripping in sink

Chelsea from Hoyt Lakes – Electric stapler

Bill from Askov – Shooting a bow and arrow

Rick from Gilbert – Opening a jar of brand new pickles

Mark from Sturgeon Lake – Punching a time clock

Holly from Culver – Serving a tennis ball

Nick from Willow River – Snap on a tackle box

Lisa from Duluth – Opening up a can of crescent rolls

Todd from Superior – Click on a open face spinning reel

Louise from Hayward – Ice cube dropping into a cup

Bill from Chisholm – Chainsaw trigger

Rick from Cloquet – Pressure cooker

Randy from International Falls – Throwing a dart into something

Jason from Duluth – Shooting a Nerf gun

Tyler from Hermantown – Opening a can of tennis balls

Adam from Bovey – Cassette tape stopping

Adam from Bovey – Shutting screen door

Craig from Duluth – Locking a master door lock

Snuff from Taconite – Opening and closing a flip phone

Mike from Chisholm – Shooting a dart gun

Paul from Duluth – Survival fire starter

Tammy from Munger – Flipping on a light switch

Tom from Minong – Door flap on change machine

Randy from International Falls – Snipping something with scissors

Dan from Proctor- Cell phone holder opening and closing

Maybelline from Tower –  Pricing gun

Dave from Aurora – Popping the cap off an aerosol can

Dallas from Duluth – Old typewriter

Danette from Stevens Point – Jumping on a Pogo stick

Mark from Chisholm – Mouse trap

Zack from Grand Rapids – Automatic ball return on portable putting green

Jason from Carlton – Shooting an arrow into a target

Jordan from Cotton – Breaking a rack of pool balls

Mark from Superior – Automatic pitching machine

Paul from Munger – Clicking a ball point pen

Chuck from Goodland – Pushing igniter on a gas grill

Rick from Gilbert – Automatic door locks

Nancy from Cloquet – Working a come along

Keith from Sandstone – Inserting a printer cartridge

Jill from Duluth – Igniter switch on a gas grill

Terry from Lake Nebagamon – Can crusher

Craig from Duluth – Jason biting into an apple

Anna from Esko – Date stamp

Eric from Cloquet – Splitting firewood with a maul

Rhonda from Ely – Ball coming out of Bingo machine

Mike from Taconite – Closing a Zippo lighter

Cheryl from Carlton – Cigar tip cutter

Mike from Taconite – Old fashioned cap gun

Todd from Eveleth – Collapsible cup

Keith from Sandstone – Keurig coffee machine

David from Duluth – Throwing a stick on the fire

Nate from Chisholm – Cracking ice in an ice cube tray

Marvin from Superior – Blowing a bubble

Keith from Sandstone – Opening or closing disk drive

Jeremy from South Range – Shifting four wheeler into gear

Tony from Duluth – Pneumatic tube

Jim from Gilbert – Flicking a Bic lighter

Rhonda from Grand Marais – Cell phone camera taking a picture

Craig from Duluth – Breaking the seal on Pillsbury dough can

Albert from Soudan – Shooting a crossbow

Leo from Chisholm – Unlocking a padlock

Ken from Two Harbors – Pivot arm on turntable

Frank from Soudan – Nevada Bob teeing off

Tammy from Munger – Opening and closing a vice grip

Nick from Hibbing – Toaster popping up

Stacy from Duluth – Locker door closing

Gene from Babbitt – Flag stick being replaced on a golf coarse

Kerry from Rice Lake – Deadbolt

Rick from Gilbert – Putting a rivet in a rivet gun

Brett from Duluth – Screen door closing

Veronica from Cloquet – Cracking a branch

Terry from Cloquet – Caulk gun

Michelle from Ashland – Hitting rock with baseball bat

Woody from Pengilly – Impact oscillating lawn sprinkler

Eric from Duluth – Buckling a seat belt

Snuff from Taconite – Changing toilet paper roll

KI’m from Spooner – Putting a match out in water

Rick from Grand Rapids – Opening and closing a medicine cabinet

Bill from Chisholm – Telescoping tent pole

Dominic from Virginia – Flint/torch sparker

Gordon from Barnum – Closing bail on open faced reel

Nancy Cloquet – Opening school locker

Shelly from Duluth – Stapler

Nancy from Cloquet – Lighting a match

Randy from International Falls – Pruning shears

Jeremy from Virginia – Bending a metal window blind

Jesse from Hermantown – Dry firing a gun

Haggee from Ironwood – Smacking a golf ball

Nick from Cambridge – Clocking a seat belt

Jeff from Grand Rapids – Velcro strap

Brandon from Duluth – Cable hitting a flag pole

Jodi from Esko – Tipping a bottle of pills upside down

Ron from Solon Springs – Dart gun shooting dart and hitting target

Josh from Duluth – Switching a slide in a slide projector

Brian from Spooner – Firearm action closing

Sherry from Cook – Sticking a shovel into the ground

Bob from Ashland – Flipping the bail on reel

Jim from Babbitt – Stacking firewood

Kevin from Pillager – Bat hitting a ball

John from McGregor – Sound of handcuffs

Mark from Duluth – Caulking gun

Kevin from Ironwood – Ping/Beer pong ball

Rick from Gilbert – Unlocking a paddle lock

Brandy from Grand Rapids – Hand on a clock ticking

Rick from Grand Rapids – Engaging a turn signal

Snuff from Taconite – Retracting a tape measure

Phil from Chisholm – Pressing lock button on smart phone

Kathy from Grand Rapids – Opening a can of tuna with a can opener

John form Grand Rapids – Minnow donut

Shelly from Duluth – Locking car door from the inside

Dale from Duluth – Popper on a Trouble game

Mike from Pelican Lake – Opening a can of Spam

Bonnie from Morristown – Label maker

Suzy from Mason – Rubber band snapping a Solo cup

Josh from Duluth – Backpack clip

Rick from Gilbert – Squeezing dent out of open pop can

Mark from Duluth – Cutting metal with a hacksaw

Lisa from Hibbing – Disposable camera

Mike from Taconite – Latch on portable dog kennel

Willie from Big Fork – Window shutters

Mark from South Range – Parking ticket dispenser

Mike from Big Fork – Dog snapping at a fly

Phil from Chisholm – Pull chain on a light bulb

Penny from Superior – Crushing a paper cup with your hand

Gary from Buhl – Pulling trigger on unloaded gun

Jamie from Grand Rapids – Strumming on an unplugged guitar

Lois from Hibbing – Opening lunch meat

Tony from Duluth – Flapper valve in toilet tank

Lois from Hibbing – Sharpening a fillet knife

Brett from Duluth – Putting a battery into a smoke alarm

Amy from Mt. Iron – Swatting a fly swatter

Leah from Brookston – Bag of candy falling in vending machine

Matt from Cohassett – Turnstile

Kirk from Duluth – Air hockey scoring goal

Chuck from Goodland – Automatic lock on washing machine door

Darlene from Duluth – Pepper grinder

Trisha from Babbitt – Stacking paper cups

Bob from Duluth – 2nd hand on a clock

Levi from Grand Rapids – Tabs on a storm window

Eric from Tower – Pneumatic grease pump

Rich from Gran View – Clicking a computer mouse

Jody from Grand Rapids – Compression of a motor with no spark plug

Barbra – La Porte – Puff of air at eye exam

Dave from Superior- Gas dispenser shutting off

Kathy from Duluth – Opening a banana

Steve from Grand Rapids – Tearing the tab off a cup of coffee

Joe from Sandstone – Slapping flat boards together

Mike from Grand Rapids – Hammering a nail

Linda from New Brighton – Bean bag hitting board of corn hole game

Christopher from Hibbing – Snapping a rubber band

Tom from Duluth – Bouncing a pebble off a window

Andrea from Chisholm – Sling shot

Carl from Lakeside – Flipping breaker in electrical box

Christine from Eveleth – Hand held tally counter

Jason from Maple – Automatic clay pigeon thrower

Conrad from Virginia – Pinpoint impression toy

Barb from Deere River – Shutting a dog kennel door

Christopher from Hibbing – Knocking a rock and piece of wood together

Tammy from Maple Lake – Crunch of celery

Jason from Proctor – Tripping circuit breaker

Jeff from Grand Rapids – Snare drum

Phil from Chisholm – Ejecting a cassette tape

Tom from Duluth – Car lighter popping out

Mary from Eveleth – Price tagging gun

Gordy from Emily – Magnetic door latch

Nikki from Hibbing – Pushing space bar

Nikki from Hibbing – Snapping a pencil on a table

Amy from Duluth – Ladder locking into place

Michael from Grand Rapids – Gold ball hitting a flag stick

Larissa from Longville – Carrot breaking in two

Darlene from Rice Lake  - Closing glove box

Jake from Hibbing – Cassette tape stopping

William from Duluth – Snapping vegetable in two

Mike from Bigfork – Snapping a watermelon rind

Dale from Duluth – Piercing gun

Sue from Embarrass – Snapping a jacket

John from Superior – Baseball bat hitting baseball

Terry from Hibbing – Tennis ball launcher

Eric from Tower – Disposable air freshener dispenser

Cheryl from Carlton – Biting into a Cheeto

Paul from Duluth – Dropping a battery into a flashlight

Jenny from Cloquet – Flipping open Tic Tacs

Dan from Saginaw – Pushing down the head on a Rock’em Sock’em

Mike from Finlayson – Firing a Airsoft gun

Brian from South Range – Activating anti kick back break on a chainsaw

Doreen from Cloquet – Snapping fingers

Cassandra from Askov – Kickstand on a motorcycle

Eric from Tower – 35mm camera shutter

Linda from Hibbing – Pulling the tin off a juice container

Dane in Superior – Snapping a balloon

Paul from Munger – Closing a briefcase

Tammy from Munger – On/off button on a flashlight

Michelle from Ashland – Chopping a tree with an axe

Heidi from Duluth – Can of charcoal lighter fluid

Nancy from Cloquet – Snapping an adapter on a 45 record

Charlie from Duluth – Spring loaded vegetable chopper

Lindsay from Grand Rapids – Coin into piggy bank

Nicki from Hibbing – Flicking a piece of paper

Gary from Ironwood – Thrusting ice scoop into ice

Jake from Superior – Popping seal on mason jar

Tammy from Munger – Closing a dishwasher

Marvin from Superior – Jason getting punched in the face

Nick from Willow River – Brake on chainsaw

Tony from Duluth – Bottle stopper

Brian from Taconite – Pumping a BB gun

Gary from Buhl – Click on furnace before starting

Tom from Minong – Animal trap

Cole from Finlayson – Microwave door

John from Grand Rapids – Fill door on water filter pitcher

Ryan from Cloquet – Wet mop hitting floor

Mary from Eveleth – Pushing down/letting up on a 3 hole puncher

Tammy from Eveleth – Piercing a Styrofoam cup with a pen

Dick from Madeline Island – Light switch

Sandy from Hurley – Snapping uncooked spaghetti noodles

Amber from Superior – Viewmaster

Jeff from Cloquet – Mouse trap

Liz from Iron – Loading a clip into a gun

Jesse from Hermantown – Shooting a toy musket

Roger from Hurley – Dry firing a rifle

Carla from Duluth – Knife scraping on a Plexiglas cutting board

Jessica from Two Harbors – Cup dispensing from coffee vending machine

Paul from Duluth – Socket/ratchet

Mike from Hermantown – Taking wand out of valve stem

Miranda from Superior – 16mm reel to reel projector

Archie from Cloquet – Stepping on a Frito

Sue from Duluth – Opening a safe

Amber from Duluth – Handle of bucket hitting side of bucket

Jake from Superior – Pop up pin in the shower

Larissa from Longville – Breaking a plastic seal on a plastic lid

Phil from Chisholm – Locking a paddle lock

Dave from Finlayson – Ice cream scoop

Chris from Superior – Staple gun

Dan from Ely – Latching a lease

Luke from Moose Lake – Mouse trap

Kevin from Duluth – Hitting a wooden toy block

Darlene from Coon Rapids – Epi pen

Ron from Virginia – Clicking ski’s

Eric from Tower – Toddlers pull toy

Kilian from Duluth – Stacking metal cups

Alan from Gilbert – Seat belt

Brian from White Bear Lake – Scroll button on a mouse

Jason from Duluth – Door locks on a car

Paul from Munger – Pull chain on a ceiling fan

Cheryl from Carlton – Dog eating dry dog food

Paul from Solway Township – Dropping silverware in a drawer

Cassandra from Askov – Turning a door knob

Paul from Duluth – Gas cap

Rick from Grand Rapids – Inserting/ejecting cassette tape

Cassandra from Askov – Shaking a box of wooden matches

Al from Grand Rapids- Shooting a bow and arrow

Cassandra from Esko – Opening a fence

Don from Duluth – Closing lid on a minnow bucket

Josh from Duluth – Clip on clipboard

Brad from Duluth – Removing a radio from it’s charger

Brian from Maple – Loading a bullet into clip

Chuck from Goodland – Unfolding a lawn chair

Jamie from Paynesdale – Chiropractic activator

Beth from Cherry – Buckling a life jacket

Deb from Saginaw – Kernel of popcorn sizzling and popping

Annette from Duluth – Fishing lure dropping into the water

Bill from Carlton – Sliding glass door

Cassandra from Askov – Latch on fence for gate

Mary from Eveleth – Unlocking lid on coffee grinder

Rick from Grand Rapids – Door on dishwasher

Mary from Eveleth – Pez dispenser

Jamie from Nashwauk – Golf ball return machine

Derek from Roseau – Turnstile

Mike from Superior – Slinky

Michael from Duluth – Pressing apple on apple slicer

Barb from La Pointe – Knee kicker

Tammy from Duluth – Cracking knuckles

Dannette from Stevens Point – Garden hoe breaking up dirt

John from Gilbert – Closing a cabinet door

Lisa from Duluth – Fridge magnet

Francis from Ironwood – Peeling back foil on a coffee can

Greg from Hibbing – Reset on GFI

Andrea from Cloquet – Flicking the teeth on a comb

Dennis from Willow River – Kaleidoscope

John from Two Harbors – Prepping kick start on motorcycle

Rick from Grand Rapids – Putting batteries into a cordless drill

Tammy from Babbitt – Closing car console

Chuck from Goodland – Opening an umbrella

Paul from Duluth – Popping trunk on car

Greg from Duluth – Ping pong ball

Rick from Grand Rapids – Popping cap off spray can

Sandy from Superior – Pushing pilot button on gas fireplace

Brett from Hayward – Hitting a puck with a hockey stick

Danielle from Superior – Shooting a toy gun

Dwayne from Gilbert – Removing the key from a canned ham

Jake from Superior – Chipping ice

John from Hibbing – Chopping celery with a knife

Tammy from Munger – Pressing lock button on restroom door

Edna from – Duluth – Jason cutting a pizza

Barb from LaPorte – Bedazzler

Susie from Finlayson – Reclining chair

Darlene from Rice Lake – Hedge clippers

Kathy from Superior – Inserting paper into copier

Cassandra from Esko – Switching high beams to low

Frank from Soudan – Pez dispenser

Mary from Calumet – Uncorking a bottle of champagne

Chris from Duluth – Connect Four game

Joan from Mt Iron – Turning the latch on the window of a truck topper

Ron from Stone Lake – Closing mailbox door

Clinton from Moose Lake – Credit card swipe machine

Jeanie from Nashwauk – Unlocking a tailgate

John from Superior – Salt gun

Bill from Duluth – Old cash register

Brenda from Superior – Target shooting a paddle target

Barbra from LaPorte – Key card opening a door

Dave from Meadowlands – T-shirt launcher

Jeanine from Gary – Crushing an aluminum can

Kristy from Grand Rapids – Opening an uncarbonated beverage

Emily from Duluth –  Spring firing whipped cream pie in “pie in the face game”

Chelsea from Duluth – Lever on lever action rifle

John from Superior – Dog catching things in their mouth

Seth from Chisholm – Break ice out of ice cube tray

Mike from Superior – Bumper jack

Ron from Duluth – Opening a briefcase

Matt from Calumet – Llama spitting

Chris from Eveleth – Launching clay pigeon

Christi from Grand Rapids – Record dropping on turntable

Rita from Biwabik – Closing gas door on vehicle

Carrie from Virginia – Hands on a clock moving

Debbie from Mahtowa – Button on radio microphone

Christopher from Hibbing – Clip on clipboard

Lisa from Duluth – Parking meter

Nikki from Hibbing – Dialing a rotary phone

Jim from Gilbert – Loosening a ratchet strap

Leslie from Duluth – Tapping on a computer keyboard

Curtis from Duluth – Flopping fish

Lori from Duluth – Rubber dart gun

Woody from Pengilly – Pressing peddle on garbage can

Kathy from Duluth – Pulling lever on old slot machine

Ken from Saginaw – Shaking a jar of peanuts

Ray from Ashland – Boot stuck on mud

Danielle from Ironwood – Ejecting a shotgun shell

Leslie from Duluth – Unlatching a trunk on a motorcycle

Scott from Duluth – Chip n’ Dale cracking walnuts