Red Rock Radio is the Northland's premier family of radio stations. Located in the historic Canal Park of Duluth's downtown, Red Rock Radio Corporation is proud to promote the best in the most popular music genres and feed it over the airwaves to the surrounding areas.

Contact: KQDS
501 Lake Avenue South - Suite 200
Duluth, MN 55802
Office: 218-728-9500
Studio: 724-7625 / 877-724-9595


Secret Sound Guesses

(to search page for a guess, hold down control and type “f”)

Nate from Grand Rapids – Unfolding a tarp

Paul from Duluth – Money counting machine

Gabe from Taconite – Sawing a log

Shirley from Britt – Closing shower door

Michael from Hayward – Boat motor that won’t start

Sue from Duluth – Bad clothes dryer tumbling

Cheryl from Superior – Jumping on a Pogo stick

Todd from Saginaw – Pet scratching at the door

Bob from Grand Rapids – Shaking out a plastic bag

Tim from Ely – Pump shot gun

Roger from Hurley – Rain stick being shaken

Lori from Hayward – Cleaning a grill with a wire brush

Jonas from South Range – Copier

Terry from Duluth – Hand saw cutting wood

Michelle from Duluth – Cutting pizza

Ben from Glidden – Staple gun

Mike from Superior- Scissor cutting paper

Josh from Duluth – Three ring punch

Doreen from Cloquet – Opening mailbox

Sherry from Cloquet – Meat slicer

Josh from Esko – Paper towel dispenser

Rod from Cloquet – Night deposit at bank

Roger from Hurley – Washing machine

David from Hawthorne – Loading cans in a pop machine

Cheryl from Carlton – Veg-o-matic

Lori from Duluth – Dishwasher

Cisco from Bessemer – Turkey baster

Jessie from Hermantown – Pushing lever on adding machine

Tyler from Duluth – Printer

Dennis from Sturgeon Lake – Paper shredder

Marv from Superior – Closing a garage door

Andy from Proctor – Shovel scraping out a wheelbarrow

Kirk from Grand Rapids – Paper Towel Dispenser/Machine

Nancy from Cloquet – Getting money back from a coin vending machine

Ed from Duluth – Raising and lowering a ladder

Cliff from Pengilly – Opening an umbrella

Chad from Cherry – Shaking marbles in a container

Joy from Ironwood – Unbalanced washing machine

Bill from Superior – Cleaning flu on chimney

Josh from Duluth – Shaking a box of noodles

Dave from Hibbing – Jumping up and down on a bed

John from Grand Rapids – Operating a floor jack

Scott from Duluth-Pricing Gun

Lori from Duluth-Shaking a box of cereal

Greg from Hibbing-Old fashioned foot operated sewing machine

Casey from McGregor-Unwinding a hose reel

Steve from McGregor-Old fashioned ice cream maker

Greg from Hibbing-Postage Machine

Chelsea from Duluth-Record (LP) finished playing

Pearl from Virginia_Adjusting the vent on a wood stove

Dan from Esko-Roller conveyor

Chuck from Goodland-Pulling down a shade and letting it go

Edna from Duluth-Opening a file drawer

Melissa from Duluth-Soldiers marching

Molly from Superior – Jumping on a trampoline

Tony from Duluth – Mimeograph machine

Ashley from Grand Rapids – Train leaving

Mary from Duluth – Jason cranking on a boat lift

Deidre from Grand Marais – Pushing a shopping cart into a parking lot

Greg from Hibbing – Antique well hand pump

Jeff from Mt Iron – A fire bellows

Chuck from Goodland – Turning a paddle boat

Ken from Merrifield – Printing press

Bob from Superior – Doggie water fountain

Jake from Gilbert – Letting down fire escape ladder

Roger from Hurley – Opening and closing a kitchen drawer

Dale from Tower – Pneumatic Press

Dwayne from Superior – Pumping oil

Linda from Proctor – Stacker on a printer

Taylor from Duluth – Pull tab dispenser

Katie from Ironwood – Roofing nailer