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Drunk Eating Can Be Dangerous!


Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to check out my little corner of the internet to speak my mind, I hope you enjoy!

We all have had those moments when we have a few too many drinks and we find ourselves rummaging through our cell phone after bar close to find someone to talk to about your late night bar heroics, or maybe you’re just look for “company”? One thing is for certain, if you happen to find that someone this is willing to take you up on your offer the aftermath in the morning is never good. You have either said or done something you most likely would not have if you hadn’t had liquid courage in you the night before.

Well let me tell you about something else that is never good and can lead to bad things, and that is DRUNK EATING. I mean really think about it does anything good come of this? It’s 2am and your only choices available to you are fast food, or gas station food. I found this out the hard way this weekend, as the nutrition gods sent some bad karma my way.

I was a bachelor this weekend as my wife and daughter went out of town to visit family. I decided that I have been working hard so it was a perfect weekend to go hang out with some long lost friends and enjoy a few adult beverages. Well you know how that story goes, a few drinks turned into a few to many. So I called a cab and headed home but not before I made my fatal error for the evening and had the driver swing in to the gas station to grab a frozen pizza and a giant soda. So I head home with my 9000 calorie late night snack and fired up the oven, 425 degrees, 15 minutes. I get my movie (The Hangover) ready to go on my DVD, my napkins and soda and fresh hot pizza from the oven and then it happened. It could have been cause I drank too much, or I was into the movie, or its was just some higher force not wanting me to eat, but without hesitation I took a big bite of my piece of pizza and it exploded on my chin and lower lip with sizzling hot cheese and pizza sauce.

I know they say you don’t feel much when your drunk, but I screamed like a little girl when it hit me. I then jumped off my couch, spilling my giant soda all over and ran for the kitchen for the ice. My lips was swelling and blistering by the second, the mountain dew was soaking in the carpet and sofa, it was then I realized that drunk eating was just like drunk dialing, NOTHING GOOD COMES OF IT! Needless to say I got to spend the next day, cleaning up my mess with a nice hangover and giant scar on my lip. So if you happen to see my in the next few days may sure you stop and point at my stupidity, because frankly I deserve it!