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I Miss Small Town Ethics!

Welcome back to work after a nice holiday weekend for most of use!  Over the weekend I took my wife and daughter to Superior Shores Resort to enjoy some much needed time off.  We got a nice Jacuzzi suite with a kitchen, deck with a grill and the works, it really was top notch.  So instead of ordering room service we decide to stop and grab some steaks to grill out on the deck.  After grabbing some food at Super One in Two Harbors, we decided to head over to the Pamida to pick up some items as well.  My daughter who is 2 going on 21, wanted not to ride in the cart but walk like a “big girl” which was fine but I informed her to stay next to me or her mom.  Well like most 2 year olds that went in one ear and out the other.  After a few warnings from me, I informed her if she ran off again she would be in trouble.  About five minutes later I hear my wife running through the isles, and hear my daughter laughing at she ran blindly through the store.  As she was looking back she didn’t see dad had double backed and was waiting for her at the end of the isle.  Once she ran into me she stopped and realized she was busted.  I scooped her up and gave her a swat on the butt, my wife then freaked out!  She was convinced someone saw this and was going to call child services on me.  This is the point in the story where half of you will agree and half of you will hate me, which is fine.  Most people are not a fan of spanking your kid, my wife included, and that is fine that is your way of parenting.  I would never say anything about how you raise your kids, because they are just that YOUR KIDS!  I have no problem spanking my daughter, but we now live in a time where people don’t mind their own business and always have an opinion about your parenting skills.  Now I am not saying I spank my daughter every time she does something naughty, but when it involves her safety I will!  A middle age lady approached me after I spanked my daughter and said “good for you”!  I smiled politely and walked away thinking that never would have happened in a big city.  I mean really think about it, at least when I was a kid my parents would spank me ALL THE TIME, hell if I was at a friends house and acted up my friends parents would spank us!  I am not saying I grew up the perfect kid and listened to my parents all the time because I didn’t, but I tell you one thing I learn was RESPECT!  I have heard so many of my friends back in Chicago and in the Cities that are scared to death to touch their child at home let alone in public.  Now I am not saying that it couldn’t have happened in Two Harbors but it’s more understanding than most places, because the people of the Northland still care about little things like having well behaved kids that for the most part listen to their parents.  They care about teaching their children respect for themselves and for others.  No excuses that their child is just “expressing” themselves.  Remember folks, the more we let others run our life, the less we have control over the future of our kids!

Ok I am off my high horse, here is your video of the day, an older one but very funny enjoy!