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Gonna get preachy for a sec…

On Tuesday afternoon my wife Sofia and I grabbed a bottle of wine, a couple of fishing rods, threw the canoe on the truck and headed to the St. Louis River for a relaxing afternoon.  And it was.  What a beautiful day!  We enjoyed looking at the fall colors in Jay Cooke State Park, remarking how warm it was for early October.  She snapped pictures, I caught scrappy smallmouth bass.   We chatted about nothing in particular, just enjoying the day.   As the afternoon sun started to dip behind the treeline, I made a few more casts before we were to head back to the landing.  A cast got away from me and my lure ended up buried in a stump.   As Sofia leaned over to unhook the bait, I shifted my weight to that same side.  What happened next happened in a flash.  The canoe rolled too far over and took on water.  It filled instantly and we were both pitched over the side along with our rods, clothes, cooler, etc.   Among the items that didn’t sink to the bottom were our life jackets.   When we launched earlier, we decided that it was a calm day and didn’t need to wear them.   This almost turned out to be the dumbest decision of out lives.  We capsized in only 5 feet of water.  Though wet and cold and a bit shaken, we were fine.   Now I’m going to sit here and make this more dramatic than it was.  It could have been worse though.  A lot worse.  I’m going to chalk this one up as a lesson learned and never go canoeing without wearing a life jacket again.   I hope you do the same.