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Jason Manning – KQ Morning Show

Blog.  Sounds like a term for acid indigestion.

Ken September 17, 2010

I heard Bruce Ciski on this morning’s 9 am sports dissing Kingsford, Michigan. They do in fact have a very fine aiport, Ford Airport and a very fine school as well. What’s up with you guys all of a sudden? Think no one from Michigan was listening so it’s okay to be jerks?

    jason September 20, 2010

    We are very aware of our listeners in Michigan. I went back and listened to the audio from Bruce. I have to defend him and say that he in no way, shape or form ripped on Michigan. He said he didn’t think Kingsford had an airport. Now we know that they do indeed have a very nice airport!

Frank LeGarde September 24, 2010

Heard you guys call my name this morning streaming for your payroll contest on the web. I am in Grand Portage visiting my daughters for a couple days…Tried to call you at 1-218-724-ROCK… a message ,your call can not be completed…called you about 15 times….same message. Called Red Rock Radio, got through. They told me tough patootie. Now I know there is no recourse, just wondering if you have a a block on long distance incoming on the 724-rock number. I’ll probably still listen to you guys…just fell like I got reamed. OK THXBAI…….

    jason September 24, 2010

    Hi Frank,

    I wish I had an answer for your problem. After you called the front office, we checked the phone lines and they worked just fine. Whenever we give out the phone numbers, we always give the 724-ROCK number and the toll-free number of 877-724-9595. I listened back to that portion of the broadcast and I indeed gave both numbers. And yes, the 218-724-ROCK number does work. For whatever reason though, it didn’t work from Grand Portage. I am sorry that you feel slighted. Believe me, we are not in the business of making our listeners mad or trying to “ream” them! Lol!! I hope you continue to listen Frank and again I am really sorry it didn’t work out. FYI your name does go back in to the applicant pool so there is a chance we could call you again.

    Thank you sir. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 218-728-9500. My extension is 105 or just ask for Jason.

Robert Marshall October 20, 2010

Hey jason,
Check your facebook for our Turkey Bowl event for MDA on November 7th put on by your favorite Letter Carriers and anyone can come and bowl, Silent Auctions, Raffles, Food Non-bowlers welcome too.
I put out a challenge to you and the other radio stations to come and bowl and raise money for MDA. There is also been a challenge sent out to the fire fighters, police, and sheriff’s departments. Come and have some fun. Yes it is opening of deer season so what. The Viking’s game will be on.

Bran January 21, 2014

Hey fellas,

Thank you for the just now verification of the absolute ignorance of indirectly putting people in their place. Speaking of the moronic views that were expressed about the all black sale at the store downtown. How much more stupid can people be? Literally. As a 20 year active duty military veteran who has lived, worked, served, partied,…. everything else 24/7 with the complete melting pot of world wide people who have been open minded enough to look beyond the superficial and shallow reasons of making things a racist issue due to absolute nothingness…. I say thank you for putting the public right.

As the old saying goes, “It takes a racist to make something a racist issue”. That is an absolute true and correct statement in my opinion and that of countless millions of others.

I hope that store does very well with their sale which normal people will see and know as ‘black’ items are those that are black in color. Not as a racial issue. How can a pair of black socks be construed as a racial issue to those of a pair of grey, white, or whatever other color? Some people can be so completely ignorant that it is baffling.

Thanks for the great morning show! Take care.


Bill Eyer October 29, 2014


If you think back to the mid 90′s and a railroad guy who was always faxing in requests before taking ” THE RIDE HOME” this is he. I enjoyed those days so much, we even shared a cigar or two at the studio. I just turned 60, and still listening to your radio broadcasts. You are a blast to listen to. If you still don’t remember, I was always trying to get you to play LITTLE PINK HOUSES by, well I don’t have to tell you. One more thing, I will always be a listener, just remember to keep playing that GOOD OLE TIME ROCK & ROLL. Take care Jason.