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Jayson Myers – Night Flight

So we are getting all the kinks out of the new website and the features on it are amazing! I was asked to start a fan site on Face Book, and also a Twitter account so my 9 listeners can follow me! I thought to myself no problem at all! WRONG, big problem! I had no clue how to link everything up and get it working right, for the first time in my life I now know what my parents felt like when I would try to show them how to do stuff on the computer that was easy! So as much as it pains me to admit it, MOM YOU WERE RIGHT!

On a better note, though I know I will go straight to hell for this, and try and tell me you didn’t laugh!


Hypnotized Kid In Wheelchair Faceplants – Watch more Funny Videos

Have a Great Weekend


Shelly October 8, 2010

Just spent the last three weeks working on a sexy man voice crush! Disappointed to find out you are married! Will still keep listening! love ya!

    Jason October 13, 2010


    You should tell your Mom to not post stuff like this on the website. Gross.